In cricket, an LBW (Leg Before Wicket) decision can be defined in the following way: 
If the ball strikes ‘any part’ of the batsman and in umpire’s judgement if the point of impact is within line with the batsman’s stumps and the bowler’s stumps while the batsman is playing the ball, then the batsman is out.
The ‘any part’ here can be referred to all the body parts of a player and once, Indian Legend Sachin Tendulkar was given out LBW on the bowling of Australian Pace Legend Glenn McGrath, even when the ball didn’t hit his pads. 
The dismissal transpired during India’s tour of Australia in 1999. In the second Test at Adelaide, Tendulkar ducked an attempted bouncer from McGrath, but the ball didn’t rise as high as Tendulkar had anticipated. As a result of it, the ball hit is shoulder, to which the Australians appealed and umpire Daryl Harper gave him out LBW. 
Here is a video of this bizarre dismissal: 


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