Now a days, the game of cricket is very improvised even the fielders are coming out with new innovations to save the runs for their team. This is very evident by the fact that relay catches have been taking place very often in the modern day game. One such incident took place in a Natwest T20 Blast game between Lancashire and Durham at Chester-le-Street in which Durham fielders Ryan Pringle and Scott Brothwick combined together in the deep mid-wicket to dismiss Lancashire’s Aussie batsman James Faulkner.

With just 12 needed of 17, Faulkner slog swept Usman Arshad’s ball to the mid-wicket boundary Pringle took the catch and skid towards the boundary line. He threw the ball in the air with just inches separating him and the boundary. Brothwick, who was backing him up juggled the ball juggled the ball four times before holding it on in the fifth attempt to complete the catch. Here is a footage of that dismissal.


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