Video: When Rahul Dravid trolled Arun Lal

Shashi / 23 September 2015

We all know the kind of person Rahul Dravid is; polite, humble and perhaps everything a gentlemen has. But once he trolled Arun Lal without even talking to him or listening to him. By the way, Arun Lal is a cricket commentator. I am using this word for him because he is being paid for it.

Arun Lal is widely famous for his expert opinion ( sarcasm intended). While opining one on Rahul Dravid in front of another legendary commentator Rameez Raja, during a Test match against Pakistan in 2004. He spoke of the way Rahul Dravid likes to play. He added that ‘ knowing Rahul Dravid, he is not going to go over the top, as long as he getting the runs in a more orthodox way, risk-free.’

Dravid launched Kaneria over the mid-on fielder for a six and Arun Lal was speechless. Even Rameez Raza trolled him then. Can’t think on anything worse happening to a commentator than Rameez trolling someone.

Meanwhile, you can watch the video here:


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