5 Cricket Games Meant For The Android Phone Users

5 Cricket Games Meant For The Android Phone Users

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Stick Cricket Premier League:

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Stick Cricket is a mobile games developer and an Adobe Flash sports gaming website with Stick Cricket Premier League as their latest update. Stick Cricket Premier League allows one to learn more about limited-overs cricket. This simple game is not a 360 dimensional but that’s what makes it all the more fun to play.

Stick Cricket Premier League allows the player to create their own team, the captain, and customize them in order to win. The game allows a player to play with different international cricketers around the world. The infectious simplicity of the game allows gamers to be addicted to the game. In Stick Cricket, the player will just have to stand and deliver. There’s no complicity of aiming the shots and view all around the ground. In this game, only timing is the key to win five seasons and after that, you’re a pro in the game.

However, the additional features of the Stick Cricket Premier League are a bit costly which might restrict gamers with a tight budget.