5 Cricket Games Meant For The Android Phone Users

5 Cricket Games Meant For The Android Phone Users

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WCC Rivals:

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The GATO-19 award-winning game and the twiny of the famous World Cricket Championship 2, WCC Rivals presents a real-time cricket game. The adapts a multi-player option where the gamers compete with each other in real-time and win cash for each victory. The gamers are given the opportunity to compete with other humans in a 1v1 multiplayer contest. The winner is rewarded with real cash for their skills in the game. The winners of the 1v1 contest can withdraw cash through Paytm via the in-game winning wallets.

Apart from the highly attracting cash-win feature, the game has intuitive controls and straightforward format that anyone can pick-up and play. Apart from this, the game features all the other key characteristics of the WCC 2.

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