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Best Cricket Games Available Online for World-Wide Gamers

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Best Cricket Games Available Online for World-Wide Gamers. In the world of mobile and Xbox games, there are gamers who look for playing games online, in real-time. The real-time quality of online gaming makes it one of the most interesting features where the result is always unpredictable. It allows one to play with different gamers across the globe. This is what has the recent action-filled Pubg game rise in the popularity chart.

However, action and racing games are not the only games available on the online platform. Recently, a few websites have launched cricket games along with other feature games to be easily accessible online. Here is the list of few websites that allow gamers to easily access one of the best online cricket games.

List of the Cricket Games Available Online

Cricket games, online cricket games, video games,

There was a time when at every corner of the street a bunch of kids were seen playing cricket in the street. Now the time has changed and with the developers creating websites such as the game has been upgraded to the nth level.

It is the era of science and technology where children are seen less in the parks, spending more and more time on video games. Playing online cricket games has certainly gained the hike with its followers spread across the globe. nurtures the need and fantasy of the cricket lovers bringing forth a varied collection of online cricket games with updates.

This is one of the most popular websites available to kinder the thirst of winning an IPL or lifting the coveted World Cup trophy. The website offers various cricket games, however, five famous and games offered by them are: Online Cricket 2011, Super Cricket, Tap Cricket, India vs Pakistan and Cricket All Rounder.

Given below is the link to the website, being a cricket lover one can never ignore the itch to check out the games offered by them.

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The is another online web domain that is totally dedicated to inspiring and promoting cricket. The website has a collection of different categories of games which allows one to explore and practice controls in the game.

Their collection of flash cricket games includes batting games, tests catch games and more. Whereas they have cricket games like IPL cricket ultimate, IPL Cricket 2013, Online Cricket, Cricket World Cup 2011, India vs England and many more.

Given below is the link to the best online cricket game website:

Stick Sports

online cricket games, stick cricket, cricket, cricket video games,

Stick Sports is an Adobe Flash sports gaming website that offers the user a free domain to play various games. Stick Cricket is one of those game categories available for all the cricket lovers. To play on this free cricket domain the system has to be Adobe Flash friendly.

Stick Cricket is a game where the player tries to score as many runs as possible in two, five, ten or twenty overs. The game has various game modes such as ‘Academy’, ‘World T2’, ‘Stick Cricket Multiplayer’, ‘Ashes Fan Challenge’, ‘Ashes Dominator’ and the most in-demand ‘World Domination’. In the ‘World Domination’ mode, the player has to defeat the 18 world best cricket teams among which Australia, India, and South Africa are the top three ranking teams.

The website allows the user to play from their favorite country the games that take out as far back as 1974 to the final test in Sydney of the Ashes. Given below is the link to the best portal of the cricket website.

Cricket games at

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The is among the leading gaming sports websites which basically targets Asian Subcontinent nations for cricket games. Cricket is largely followed by the Asian subcontinent and thus a big number of cricket gamers emerge from here.

The cricket game portal features most of the famous cricket formats available on the famous apps. They feature Cricket World Cup 2011, India vs Australia, Gully Cricket, The Dominator Cup, India vs Pakistan, Cricket Umpire Decision and World T20 Cricket Championships.

The World Cup 2011 allows the cricket fans to relive all the matches of the special World Cup 2011 where India registered their historic win after the 1983 Prudential Cup. However, given below is the link to the cricket website to explore more about the amazing cricket games they’re offering.

Online Cricket Games at

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Playing online cricket games has now become as real as playing actual cricket on the field. The enhanced technologies have only increased the craze of the game to the virtual world as well. There are websites allowing the users to experience a real-time cricket game where they challenge other gamers from any other country.

Among the hoard of these domains, is a name that allows the users to play dozens of cricket games such as IPL, ODI, Test cricket and many more. The domain empowers the users to play 3D cricket games, or the Quick Cricket where the user can start the game as soon as they choose whether to bat or bowl. These are just a few names in the lot the website is offering. Given below is the link to the website full of various cricket games.