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Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungarian
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Mercedes Strategic Masterclass Leads Lewis Hamilton To Victory In The Hungarian GP

Max Verstappen led the race for 67 laps only to be overtaken by Hamilton on fresher tyres with 3 laps remaining

Mercedes showing sheer brilliance, saw Lewis Hamilton come out victorious yet again in the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Hungaroring was very well lit by the furious battles between Verstappen and Hamilton for the victory.

Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungarian
Lewis Hamilton (Image Credit: Google)

Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen started a race on the pole position for the first time in his career, but couldn’t hold onto the position. Valtteri Bottas started the race second on the grid. A poor start with a few lockups dragged him down to third behind Lewis. Charles Leclerc who went to overtake him, had his rear left collide with Bottas’ front wing which left him with a slower pace and dropped to P5. Bottas had to take an early pit stop for a new front wing, and he was left on the last position, to compete from the last again. He fought back strong and managed to finish at 8th, taking home 4 points.

Ferrari were very quick on the straights but were visibly slow on the corners which had left them stuck on third and fourth, leaving it for a two-horse race between Verstappen and Hamilton.

Sebastian Vettel finished the race on 3rd position, after overtaking Charles Leclerc in the last lap of the race. Vettel ran the whole race behind Leclerc, but in the end had an advantage because of younger fresh soft tyres, while Leclerc was on older Hard tyres.

Daniel Ricciardo had started the race last on the grid after he failed to qualify for the Q2, due to traffic in his last qualifying lap. He was 18th on the grid after Q1, but Renault took to upgrading a power unit which saw him penalised further into the grid position. He could only manage to finish on 14th.

Mercedes rolled the dice, when they boxed Hamilton, catching off the Red Bull napping. He came out of the pit lane 20 seconds behind Verstappen, but on fresher medium tyres. Verstappen was on old, hard tyres, to which Hamilton capitalised strongly. Verstappen could see a silver arrow in his rearview mirrors on Lap 65, attacking fiercely. Lap 67 saw Hamilton overtaking him, with Verstappen’s tyres wearied of rubbers.

Max was boxed in the next lap, with substantial distance with the Ferrari’s behind. Fresh new soft tyres were put in, which helped him gain an extra point for the fastest lap of the race.

Lewis Hamilton (Credits: Twitter)

Lewis Hamilton Wins Record 6th British GP

Safety car benefits Lewis Hamilton as Valteri Bottas suffers and Sebastian Vettel crashes behind Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton wins the British GP for record 6th time as he beats teammate Valteri Bottas from 2nd place on the grid. Bottas leaded the race until he took a pit stop, leaving Hamilton as the race leader who decided to run longer on his medium compounds. A 20th lap safety car due to Antonio Giovinazzi skidding into the gravel, synced with Hamilton’s pit stop and turned out to be perfect for Hamilton to retain his lead.

Verstappen and Leclerc entered the pit lane together, and left the pits wheel to wheel, with Verstappen having a slight advantage only to be hampered by losing his tire grip, which Leclerc took full advantage of and gained lead. However, he couldn’t maintain the lead for a long time as he took a second pit stop during the safety car to change into hard tires, to finish the race on the same. The battle between Leclerc and Verstappen was very fierce as they both overtook each other quite a few times in the race, but at last Verstappen gained lead when both of them touched and Leclerc had to slow down.

McLaren’s Carlos Sainz had an amazing race as he finished 6th even after starting 13th on the grid. Lando Norris gained  a position from the start, overtaking Daniel Ricciardo in the first lap, but only finished 11th in the race because of poor pit stop strategy. Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, teammates at Haas went wheel to wheel with each other in the first lap, leaving both of their rear tyres punctured. Both of the drivers had to take a pit stop to change the tyres and had to retire from the race eventually.

Max Verstappen managed to overtake Sebastian Vettel running 3rd on lap 41. Vettel taking his chances to regain on the position crashed in the back of Vettel, taking both the cars out of the track. Vettel had his front wing damaged and Verstappen’s floor was crushed. The German took an immediate pit-stop taking him to the last position, while Verstappen continued with the race and managed to finish 5th with a damaged floor. The stewards investigated the crash and gave Vettel a 10 second penalty.

Charles Leclerc gained advantage out of the crash and finished at 3rd position, keeping Red Bull’s Pierre Gasly behind at 4th.

The win, Hamilton’s seventh from 10 races takes him to 39 points clear at the top. He also clocked the fastest lap in the race to get an extra point. Lewis Hamilton said in a post race interview: ”If I’m honest, coming here I didn’t know how many [British GPs] I’d won. I still remember my first win here, my first pole here. Every year is such a challenge. This track is amazing, I can’t put into words just how spectacular this track is to drive. To be amongst the greats that have shined on this circuit, I’m so incredibly proud to be a part of it.”




Valteri Bottas
Valteri Bottas (Credits: Twitter)

Valteri Bottas Takes the Pole From Lewis Hamilton by a Fine Margin Of 0.006 Seconds

Lewis Hamilton loses out on record 7th British GP pole as Valteri Bottas clinches it by a 0.006 second difference.

The qualifying at Silverstone for Lewis Hamilton was a special one, with all the backing from his home fans and a record 7th pole on stake. However, his silver arrow team mate Valteri Bottas took the pole. In Q3 Hamilton made a mistake in his first run and couldn’t get the best time in his second lap.

Charles Leclerc got the third spot on the grid, even after setting the fastest time in the first two sectors only losing out on the third sector due to problems in understeer in the car.

The two Red bulls of Max Verstappen and Pierry Gasly got the 4th and 5th place on the grid. Max complained about the turbo problems in their engine and said a potential pole got away due to the turbo problem.

Another horrid Saturday for Sebastian Vettel as he could only get the 6th spot in qualifying. Daniel Ricciardo managed to get the 7th spot ahead of McLaren’s Lando Norris at 8th, Torro Rosso’s Alex Albon at 9th and his Renault teammate Nico Hulkenberg at 10th.

Q1 saw an early falling of Haas driver Kevin Magnussen. Also Racing point’s Lance Stroll and Toro Rosso’s Dani Kvyat were out in the Q1 again.

Hamilton set the pace in Q1 followed by Leclerc and Verstappen.

Charles Leclerc flashed around Q2 as he set the best time followed by Bottas and Hamilton, all starting on medium tyres and switching to softs for the second attempt.

Toro Rosso’s Alexander Albon made it to Q3 for second time in his career. Both the Alfa Romeo’s of Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi saw the exit in Q2. Sergio Perez of Racing Point and Romain Grosjean of Haas were spectators in the Q3.

Carlos Sainz was the biggest surprise to not qualify for Q3, after showing some great pace in Q1.

Bottas kept his cool and clinched his first pole in the British GP. The race would be a big war today as Leclerc could be a trouble for the two Mercedes ahead. Charles will start on the cleaner side with a soft tyre advantage.

British GP (Credits: Twitter)

British GP This weekend With A Contract Renewal For Silverstone

After a wait of almost two years, the iconic Silverstone track gets a 4 year contract renewal upto 2024.

As the British GP arrives this weekend, the Liberty group decided to extend the Silverstone contract with great support and backing from the fans, teams as well as drivers. Silverstone was in the hanging after they paid their release clause 2 years back, hoping for a better contract offer.

The owners of Formula 1, the Liberty group were planning to get a new track built in the streets of London to replace the Silverstone track on the F1 calendar, representing the British GP. The plan is still in their minds while they gave the Silverstone a contract renewal to keep the British GP in the calendar until a new track is built.

Silverstone hosted the first F1 race in the history and has important memories of the sport associated to it. It also sees the highest footfall at any race in the calendar with 140,000 fans attending the race every year. F1 chairman Chase Carey described the race at Silverstone as “an integral part” of the future of the sport. “We have always said that, if it is to have a long-term future, our sport must preserve its historic venues and Silverstone and Great Britain represent the cradle of this sport, its starting point back in 1950.”

Lewis Hamilton who has a record-equaling 5 British GP victories. Including four victories in succession from 2014 to 18. He would look forward to further his record this weekend.

With the upgrades of Mclaren giving results, Mercedes having issues with the car and Ferrari back to winning ways, this race is worth a watch. A fierce midfield battle is likely between Alfa Romeo and Mclaren. Alfa too have put 2 different upgrades in the last 2 races  which have started to pay with first points for both their drivers in the last race.

The battle upfront is going to be very aggressive with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Valteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen giving their all to win.

Verstappen Wins Second Consecutive Austrian GP

A late dramatic incident involved in the overtaking of Leclerc by Verstappen was reviewed by stewards, later given green light.

The Austrian GP set a new record as the youngest two drivers on the podium.

The race was full of late drama as the race leader Charles Leclerc was overtaken by Max Verstappen  in the 69th lap with two laps remaining. Verstappen who started the race at P2 dropped to P7 during the first lap with a poor start. However, he came back electric strong and overtook everyone ahead.

The results of the qualifying saw Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc take the pole and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen second on the grid. Mercedes drivers Valteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton took third and fouth spot on the grid, respectively, after a 3 place grid penalty was handed to Hamilton for blocking Raikonnen  in Q1.

Verstappen Wins Second Consecutive Austrian GP 1
Verstappen (Credits: Twitter)

Bottas and Hamilton took P2 and P3 in the first lap but due to overheating issues could only secure P3 and P5 respectively. Hamilton also suffered, front wing damage which degraded his position on the track.

McLaren had a great weekend with their 19 yr old driver Lando Norris finishing at P6 and Carlos Sainz who started the race from the back grid finished at 8th. It was also a great race for Alfa Romeo with Kimi Raikkonen finishing P9 and Giovinazzi P10 earning his first points ever.

Max Verstappen said after the race:

“Wow! After that start I thought the race was over but we just kept pushing hard, I was quite quick so the pace was actually not too bad but I had quite a bad flat spot on my first tyre, and then after the pit stop we were flying.

“Of course extremely happy for the whole team and also for Honda – we just started working together this year but to win here is incredible.” 

Leclerc, had a different point of view to the incident . “I’ll let the stewards decide but for me, it was pretty clear in the car,” he said in parc ferme. “I don’t know how it looked like from the outside.

When asked if he didn’t think it was fair, Leclerc replied: “I don’t know. I was on the outside, like the lap before, the lap before was completely fine, he left the space for a car width on the exit of the corner but he didn’t on the other lap so we touched and I had to go wide, and then obviously I didn’t have any chance to pass back so it’s a shame.” Keep Reading

Credits: Twitter

Lewis Hamilton Wins Canadian GP As Sebastian Vettel’s Penalty Demoted Him To Second

Sebastian Vettel crossed the winning line first but due to controversial penalty by stewards had 5 seconds added to his time and managed to finish only second behind Lewis Hamilton.

Ferrari came to the Canadian GP as favourites, because of the extended power in the engine and the advantage of faster long straights on the track. However, Mercedes brought in their first engine upgrade of the season to cover the power deficit and challenge Ferrari.

The practise sessions and qualifying suggested Ferrari were the quickest. Lewis Hamilton had an early crash in FP2 and had a hydraulic leak, but the team got it fixed and Hamilton sat on the second spot in the grid after qualifying. Bottas had a problem with his rear and hence struggled grip and pace. Bottas could only manage a P6 after Q3.

Kevin Magnussen hit the champion’s curve at the end of Q2 leading to red flag and the rest of the session being cancelled leading to a shocking exit of Verstappen from qualifying. Verstappen had only started his second lap when Magnussen hit the wall and session was cancelled, and Max could only register one timing which had placed him on P11.

The start of the race saw Alex Albon being squeezed by Perez and Giovinazzi , in which he lost his front wing and had to take an early pit stop. He had to retire from the race before the end.

Lando Norris also retired due to an overheating in his rare brakes melting the suspension and causing a fire.

Vettel had a 5 second lead on the top but after the pit stop Hamilton covered the gap with hard tyres on, and the pressure from Hamilton saw Seb making a mistake going into the sidelines.

He managed to glide back to the track in haste and the car’s drift towards right made him block Hamilton who was about to wheez past him. The stewards checked on the incident and handed  Vettel a 5 second penalty for dangerously entering the track.  Lewis Hamilton finished 2 seconds behind the ferrari driver and secured  the record breaking 7th win at Canadian GP. Charles Leclerc finished 3rd, Bottas 4th and Verstappen 5th. The fastest lap of the race was done by Valterri Bottas and secured an extra point for it.

Lewis Hamilton Wins Canadian GP As Sebastian Vettel's Penalty Demoted Him To Second 2
Credits: Twitter

In the post race interview Lewis Hamilton said “I took the corner normally. When you come back on track, you’re not supposed to go straight back on racing line, you’re supposed to come back safely. I assume that’s why…

Asked if he thought he’d had the pace to overtake Vettel on-track even without the penalty, Hamilton replied: “Not towards the end I don’t think.

“I think we were all struggling with brake temps towards the end. The tyres were good at that point where he made the mistake, so I was as close as I was ever going to be. I got that block and then the gap opened up. It’s very hard to follow here. It’s such a great track, and if it wasn’t for the fans, it wouldn’t be as great as it is.”

“Thank you to my team, I wouldn’t be standing here without them,” he said. “It was an incredible effort. We had a problem this morning with the engine, with my crash on Friday. If they hadn’t been so diligent, I wouldn’t have been able to race today as I have.”

The Canadian fans started to boo Hamilton on the podium, with a large majority of the fans in Montreal supporting Ferrari. “All I can say is, I didn’t make the decision,” was the now seven-time Montreal winner’s response. “I don’t know what they are booing at. Maybe it’s the decision…”

Vettel showed his class and sportingly jumped in to defend his rival: “The people shouldn’t boo at Lewis. I think he saw what was going on, I don’t think there was any intention to be in his harm’s way. I had trouble to stay on track. The people shouldn’t boo at Lewis, if anything they should boo at these funny decisions.”

The win in Canada takes Hamilton to a 30 point lead over his teammate Bottas in the Championship.

Second edition of 'F1 in Schools India' concludes

Second edition of ‘F1 in Schools India’ concludes

New Delhi, April 27: The second season of F1 in Schools India, Worlds largest STEM challenge for students in the 9-19 years age group, came to end with finale at Amity University campus, Noida, on Saturday.

Orion Racing from Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, won the first place, followed by the Matadors, Amity International School, Saket, and the Stallion, The British School, New Delhi, at the third place.

The winning teams would be representing India at the World Finals at Abu Dhabi in November where teams from 49 countries will compete for the title.

To felicitate the winning teams, Country Chief for F1 in Schools India Yashraj Sing and its chairperson, Dr. Amita Chauhan of Amity International & Global Schools, were present at the occassion.

Speaking after conclusion of the event, Yashraj said: “When the India chapter of F1 in Schools was formed, we had not perceived such an overwhelming response and participation from all over India. We are thrilled to see so much latent talent in these teenagers. It was an adrenalin rush to see participants learning from this unique competition and innovating themselves to be ready for future challenges.”

Before the final, F1 in Schools had regional round, which included schools from Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi NCR. 80 teams qualified for the finale.

The initiative throws a challenge at students to come up with a car out (miniature of an actual Formula One racing car) and make it race on a 24 metres race track.

FIM ARCC: Rajiv qualifies in top 12, Senthil at 18th

FIM ARCC: Rajiv qualifies in top 12, Senthil at 18th

Adelaide, April 26: After delivering the best ever performance in round 1 of the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship 2019 (ARRC) in Sepang, IDEMITSU Honda Racing India teams riders Rajiv Sethu and Senthil Kumar pushed hard in the Asia Production 250 qualifier at the Bend Motorsport Park here on Friday.

The 4.95 km long Bend track with its technical corners and fast-flowing sections proved to be a tough adversary after early morning showers. But the Indian duo continued to climb ranks in the afternoon AP 250 Qualifier.

Rajiv pushed hard to close the AP 250 qualifier in the Top 12 with the best lap time of 2:11:738. This was a significant improvement for Rajiv from his best practice lap time of 2:12:130. Shaving off seconds in each track outing, Rajiv has already reduced his gap with lead rider Andy to 3.1 seconds.

Meanwhile, learning continued for 18-year-old rookie Senthil, who gained his first ever wet race experience in the morning third practice. In his first Bend outing, Senthil closed in the top 18 with a best lap time of 2:13:876. Pushing harder, Senthil’s gap with the lead rider has now reduced to 5.250 seconds compared to his best practice lap time gap of 8.412 seconds.

Saturday’s race 1 will see reigning AP 250 champion Andy Muhammad Fadly from Indonesia, who stopped the clock with a best lap time of 2:08:626 lead the grid, followed by Japanese rider Aiki Iyoshi at 2nd and Muklada Sarapuech from Honda Racing Thailand at 3rd spot.

Arjun makes strong debut in European series opener

Le Castellet, (France) April 16: Arjun Maini made his highly anticipated debut in the European LeMans Series alongside Bruno Senna, nephew of the late great Ayrton Senna, and gentleman driver John Ferano, here on Tuesday.

The opening race at the Paul Ricard racetrack in France continued for four hours with over 40 cars present on the grid.

The RLR Msport team made their debut in the hotly contested LMP2 class and despite a damper preventing them from qualifying higher than 11th during the qualifying session, the team displayed great determination to end the weekend with a strong 8th overall with Arjun setting the second-fastest laptime of the race, 0.3 down the fastest laptime overall.

In fact, 21-year old Arjun’s pace throughout the weekend was remarkable as he achieved an overall second during the weekend’s free practice session. The grid featured some very strong drivers and the J.K. Tyre-backed driver coped well with the steep learning curve.

Arjun said: “This was definitely an interesting weekend for me. It’s the first time I’ve raced in this format (endurance racing) and I adapted quickly. The team did a great job with the car and Bruno was very helpful in terms of adjusting my driving style from Formula cars to Prototypes.

“John drove a good stint as well and he is improving rapidly. 8th is definitely a strong foundation to build upon and if we can improve consistently, I have no doubt that we will be fighting towards the front of the grid,” he said.

Hamilton wins record-extending 6th Chinese GP

Hamilton wins record-extending 6th Chinese GP

Shanghai (China), April 14: Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton secured a record-extending sixth Chinese Grand Prix (GP) victory on Sunday, snatching the world championship lead from his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas.

Five-time world champion Hamilton, of the United Kingdom, clinched his 75th career victory and second of the season in the 1,000th Formula One race after overtaking pole-sitter Bottas of Finland.

“It was not the most straightforward of race weekends,” he said. “To have a one-two together (with Bottas) in the 1,000th race is really special!” he said referring to Mercedes’ third one-two lockout since the start of the season.

Hamilton and Bottas obtained a one-two victory in Bahrain Grand Prix and the season-opening Australian Grand Prix last month, reports Efe news.

The 34-year-old Briton took the checkered flag 6.552 seconds ahead of Bottas, with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel coming third and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen fourth.

Vettel said he was happy to have made to the podium, and added the Mercedes team were “just too quick right from the start.”

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