Eric Boullier, McLaren racing director has stated that former world champion Jenson Button is not driving for his future in the team despite constant rumors of a driver lineup change at McLaren next season.

Boullier said that he would be stating the driver lineup for the team before the current season ends and the future of both drivers, Button and Magnussen are under threat.

Button produced his best performances in the last two races and has scored double the points when compared to teammate and rookie Magnussen. However, Magnussen has outpaced Button in qualifying and has beaten him nine times during qualifying, putting greater pressure on Button. The fact that Button is on a higher salary than Magnussen and he is much older than the young Dane does not help his cause.

Fernando Alonso is touted to join McLaren next season when he leaves Ferrari, although nothing has been confirmed except ex Ferrari president Luca Di Montezemolo confirming that Alonso will leave the Italian giants at the end of this season.

We don’t need him to deliver an extra job on track to – let’s say – save his job,” Boullier said.

We know the value of Jenson and we know he is a world champion-class driver and he has been a world champion already.”

Boullier continued “I understand obviously that (Button) may not feel comfortable and obviously he’s concerned about his future,” Boullier added.

I’m in charge of McLaren Racing and we have to build the best for the team. Drivers are obviously very important in the discussion and Jenson is more than considered to stay with us for the long term. But we are still investigating what we want to do with our driver line-up, once we have all the data in our hands.”


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