In this series of articles, we take a look back at all the Formula One Teams, the History involved, the stats and everything you need to know. We kick start our Feature by looking back at Ferrari. Writes Suneeth Nair I recently had a conversation with one of my friend who is also an auto fanatic. We spoke about F1, the cars, and the teams. Soon it turned into a debate over who is the best, and that’s when I thought of having a detailed analysis over each and every F1 team. So here I am writing about each team and their performance from the very beginning to till date. In this piece I will cover my personal favourite team Ferrari, The Red Giants. The Italian sporting legends indeed have a very rich and enthralling history. After all Ferrari is the only team to compete in every season of the World Championship, from its inception to the current day. But let’s not get deep into it and make this a boring history lecture. I will put you through some interesting keynotes of the Ferrari team. TEAM NAME: Scuderia Ferrari The racing team division of the Ferrari is named the Scuderia Ferrari. The word ‘Scuderia ’in Italy means “Stable for racing horses” and what a way they have lived upto their naming. 16 Constructor Championships and 15 Driver championship, definitely they are the team with a rich legacy.

The symbol of Italian World War I fighter plane was taken up by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari as it represents sportsmanship, gallantry and boldness. FOUNDER: Enzo Ferrari TEAM CURRENT DRIVERS: Fernando Alonso Felipe Massa CONSTRUCTOR CHAMPIONSHIP’S: 16 DRIVER CHAMPIONSHIP’S: 15 ACHIEVEMENTS: 1950- Entered the first Formula One World Championship. Their first race was 1950 Monaco Grand Prix driven by Alberto Ascari and Gigi Villoresi. 1951 – First race win for Ferrari at 1951 British Grand Prix. It was Jose Froilan Gonzalez, who brought the first taste of victory for the Red Giants. 1952 – First Constructor Championship as they won almost all the races. The following years saw a dip in Ferrari’s performance as they lost many races in the season and the years to follow. 1974– A new driver and a totally new car saw a change in Ferraris fortune as they finish second in the driver championship losing their long lost first spot in the last race of the season. And from then on they won Constructor and Driver championship for three years in row. They later won one more championship under Jody Scheckter in 1979. 1982 – Though they lost both their drivers in separate crashes that year, the Italians team still ended up on the top of constructor championship. They also won the 1983 season as they had one of the best cars than their rivals. 1996– Arrival of Schumacher in Ferrari saw him take the team to a new level. He battled with an instable Ferrari, but continued to pull out breathtaking finishes. From then on Ferrari had the best of the years. He won them Championship after Championship as he finished on podium for almost all the races. Ferrarian domination continued till the retirement of the legendary Schumacher.

Micheal Schumacher – One of the legends in Formula One racing. Seven time world Champion spent most of his career with Ferrari. Both of them complimented each other and victory becomes a synonym with Ferrari. Niki Lauda – Fortune changer for Ferrari who won three championships for Ferrari. One of the finest racers of 70’s. Kimi Raikkonen – The Finn is considered as one of the coolest person behind wheel. He is set to return to Ferrari for the next 2014 season. That’s one happy news for the fans. Jody Scheckter– The former world champion drove with an instable Ferrari to world Championships and considered a great racing champion. Fernando Alonso – The current Ferrari driver is a two time world champion and in the years to come, he has the potential to add lot more to the tally.


Stats aside, Ferrari team and it’s prancing horse is one among the most loved teams in the world. Just the site of the Red car sends trickles down the spine. With the Kimi Raikkonen set to return to Ferrari, 2014 season will be looked forward to with utmost eagerness.    


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