From break-free to bridal: Formula one track up for marriage venue

Paulami Chakraborty / 24 July 2015

There are very few countries with there own racing circuits, India being one of them. In the year 2011, India  got blessed with the inauguration of its lone racing track- Buddh International Circuit. A track designed by gloabally renowned racetrack designer Hermann Tilke saw its first utilization when Formula One Indian Grand Prix got hosted here on 30th october the same year.

A formula one means speed, rush, excitement and anything that reminds of racing. But India seems to break the traditions as it is the first time the track is going to hold a wedding ceremony. Previously, after holding formula one race, India as a venue got suspended due to tax issues, the track served as home to various events such as car launches. As a matter of fact, more car launches took place than car races itself on the track but as both are relatable, the reason behind the events could be accounted for. 

But the recent news of a big fat indian wedding being organised at the racing venue seems really disheartening. The marriage is scheduled to be on the 24th of july, 2015 as per the wedding invitation card which went viral. It reads to be the first ever such event and to be happening only in India. If sources are to be believed, the event is being oragnized so that this way some money can come off the track and it can be sustained.

Here is the related wedding card:


We just hope that the track finds its uses in the real events that it is meant for- formula one car races reall soon surpassing the current condition.

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