In this feature of the series we are tracking at all the Formula One teams and tracking back their History from their Inception. After going through Ferrari- the Red Giants, the next thing any Formula one fan will do is look into is his rival. As of now, Red Bull looks to be the team to beat in the current season. So let’s see what makes this team, the current champions. And to add to that, I am hoping for something that will change my not so happy attitude towards this team. Red bull has been the constructor champion for the past three years. One might wonder what has made this racing team so strong in a very short span of time. I wondered the same. So here I am digging into the history of Red Bull team and their way to glory.

TEAM NAME: Infinity Red Bull racing Infinity Red Bull is an Austrian based Formula One racing company, currently having its head quarters at Milton Keynes, England. They don’t have a vast history like the Ferrari’s. Indeed they joined F1 only in 2005. It is one among the racing teams owned by the beverage company Red Bull. TEAM LOGO: Krating Daeng


In Thai, Krating means Red and Daeng means Gaur, Hence the logo of the Red Bull’s is actually Gaur and not Bull. However, when the Thai word got translated to English and for its familiarity, it became a Bull. FOUNDER: Dietrich Mateschitz TEAM CURRENT DRIVERS: Sebastian Vettel Mark Webber CONSTRUCTOR CHAMPIONSHIP’S: 3 (2010, 2011, 2012) DRIVER CHAMPIONSHIP’S: 3 (2010, 2011, 2012) TIMELINE:


2005- Red Bull marked its entry into Formula one racing. David Coulthard, the former McLaren driver was roped in to lead the side. They finished an impressive sixth in Constructor Championships. Not bad at all for starters. 2006 – Driving with the Ferrari engine, Red bull did show lot of promise in some races. Coulthard finished third at Monaco, starting their podium finish. They finished seventh in Constructor Championship ahead of the Williams. 2007 – Mark Webber, the Australian driver became a part of the racing team. They struggled with reliability problems and had to retire in most of the races. Japanese Grand Prix saw coming very close to victory, but missed out as Sebastian Vettel, then a Sauber driver crashed into him. 2008 – Good start to season but a poor end. They were beaten by their own Toro Rosso ( Red Bull ‘B’ team). But Webber continued to impress. 2009 – Sebastian Vettel made his way into the team, bringing with him the glory for Red Bull, which they still enjoy till date. In a rain drenched race at Chinese Grand Prix saw Vettel drive from their first pole to first race victory. The team as well as Vettel finished second in the Championship standings. vv

2010 – The rise of Red Bull. Vettel and Webber gave the Ferrari a run for their money as these two notched up victory after victory. It boiled to the last race finish where Vettel claimed the championship along with Red Bull their first Constructor Championship. 2011, 12 – Their domination continued and Red Bull car started to post lap timing like never brfore. Sebastian Vettel, the youngest Formula One Champion were their triumph card ably supported by Webber. 2013– The current season, the trend hasn’t changed a bit. Vettel continues to dominate his lead in Driver Championship were as the team looks comfortable in taking another Constructor title. ACHIEVEMENTS: Constructor champion in 2010, 2011, 2012. SUCCESSFUL DRIVERS: Sebastian Vettel – 3 time world champion who looks poised to lift his fourth title. Mark Webber – Sidelined as second driver these days, the Australian has shown real mettle by winning some really tough races. By Suneeth Nair


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