2022 FIFA World Cup
2022 FIFA World Cup

The Spain vs Morocco clash at the 2022 FIFA World Cup is already off to horrific start, as fans gathered outside the Education City stadium, where the game is being played were crushed by Qatar riot cops. The cops took this brutal action after the situation evidently went out of control as the fans were trying to enter the stadium for the game.

Morocco take on Spain in the last-16 tie, after they qualified for the knockouts as the group winners. This was the first time since 1986 an African team had topped its group at the World Cup, and the Moroccan fans were elevated to watch their team play Spain in the last-16, as they gathered at the Education City Stadium in heavy numbers.

2022 FIFA World Cup
2022 FIFA World Cup: Morocco fans have turned up in huge numbers in Qatar to watch their team play. Credits: Twitter

Cops crush fans at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

The security was already upped at outside the Education City Stadium for the Spain vs Morocco clash. The fixture had gained a political motive as well, with brewing tensions between the two countries. As a colonial power, Spain control some parts of the Western Sahara as well as swathes of northern Morocco. The African nation has already reiterated that the disputed territory of the dessert belongs to them and that Spain should give up their control.

Tensions between the two countries was at its peak when Morocco withdrew their ambassador to Spain last year after their were enraged over the medical treatment of a Western Sahara separatist leader in Madrid. The tensions grew so much so that the Moroccan consulate had to release a statement ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup game, asking the fans to “show sportsmanship regardless of the result”, and not cause any problems by indulging into any violent activities with the Spain fans.

However, the issue here seems a bit different, as the Qatar riot cops charged over the fans who went berserk. The cops trapped the outrageous supporters into a chain link fence, before hitting them with their sticks. They pushed and shoved the supporters who were trying to enter the stadium. Men and women, and even children were not spared as they bluntly charge over them.

2022 FIFA World Cup
2022 FIFA World Cup: The Morocco team has done their fans proud by reaching the knockouts. Credits: Twitter

With the hope of watching their team make it to the quarterfinals by defeating their political rivals, huge number of Morocco fans turned outside the Education City Stadium. With the riot police having to control them violently, they have defended their stance. The cops claimed many fans were trying to enter the arena illegally, as they didn’t have tickets. Moreover, many cops were already stationed outside the stadium before the kick-off who were checking the tickets.

Morocco fans are among those who constitute a large chunk of those arrived in Qatar to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup. However, this has also caused the authorities a challenge to contain them, and stop the ones without tickets from entering the stadium. FIFA could now interfere by trying to get an insight on what exactly would have happened, as the organisers too might investigate the matter.