Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka has insisted that he is not going to change his game despite being criticized by Arsene Wenger about his tackling.

The Swiss midfielder have been the talking point this season as he was sent off a couple of times this season for his rough tackling in the Premier League. Being a box-to-box midfielder, Xhaka have found it quite difficult to adapt to Premier League as he was often seen on the wrong end of a foul.

Xhaka, who move from German club Borussia Monchengaldbach last summer, has already received two red cards and eight yellow cards in 33 appearances for the club this season. He was warned by Arsene Wenger earlier after their dramatic 2-1 win against Burnley as the midfielder was sent off in extra time and the visitors were awarded penalty before Sanchez took Gunners to a nerve raking 2-1 win.

In an interview to Swiss newspaper Blick, when asked if he would hesitate before making a tackle, the 24-year old has said:  ‘No way.

‘I have analysed my dismissals and many fouls have happened before the halfway line – 60 to 70 meters from our goal.

‘That’s too far away. That has to stop. But I don’t go out on the pitch and pull out of a tackle.’

Known for his aggressive play, Xhaka has insisted that he would continue being the same player in the coming days as well.

‘That’s my game,’ he said.

‘If I’m taken away from that, I’m not the same.’

He has also been critical over the criticism he has received so far this season and is keen to complete his debut season in Premier League on a high.

‘I don’t mind. I’m not that easy to knock down, nobody can destroy me,’ he said.

‘What annoys me is people who call me dirty, stupid, and brainless. You don’t say words like these to people you don’t know.’

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