Fans have called for Wenger's head repeatedly
Fans have called for Wenger's head repeatedly

Arsene Wenger has no doubt at all that he will be in the Arsenal dugout next season also, insisting he still gives his best for the club.

The French manager has been under immense pressure this season with Arsenal 11 points behind league leaders Leicester City.

They have also crashed out of the Champions League and FA Cup in recent weeks with frustrated fans turning on the long-serving manager.

But Wenger is confident enough that he still has the backing of the club hierarchy, as long as he gives his all.

“I have my conscience. What is most important is I give my best every day for the club I love,” he told while speaking to BeIN Sports.

“If I can share that love with the supporters, even better, but at the end of the day, I want to make sure that I give my best.”

When asked if he has any doubt whether he will stay at the Emirates next season, Wenger was forthright in his response.

“I have no doubt. I am committed, when I do something, I do it 100 percent. I’m always committed to giving my best for as long as I am at the club.”

Fans have come up with banners calling for Wenger to leave over the past few weeks, including after the 2-0 victory over Everton just before the international break.

Gunners legends have also criticized such behaviour from the supporters and Wenger believes some of the criticism against him has been really unfair.

“I don’t think the criticism this season is very welcome, especially when you fight for the championship, especially after the game against Tottenham.

“I don’t worry about the rest and what people say. That is judgement and opinions and that is linked to the last result, the last disappointment, the last happiness.

“In my job, what is important is to perform. I believe it is very important to focus on what you are appointed for.

“I am appointed to perform and do my best for my club. That is all I focus on.

“My future is my future.”

The Gunners seems all but certain to miss out on the Premier League crown once again despite this season being one of their best chances in recent years.

It now leaves serious question marks over Arsene Wenger and his future at the Emirates. Is he still the right person to lead Arsenal? Many fans actually not interested to discuss it, and while he is still clearly a good manager, his failures are loud and clear to see and are to some extent harming the club.

You can always predict an Arsenal season before it even begun. Key areas of the squad would not be addressed in the summer before a positive start ends up falling apart breaking thousands of hearts through injuries and they ultimately blow their chance.

Critics claim Wenger just doesn’t want to learn from his past mistakes; it may be sticking with rubbish players, not buying a holding midfielder or even tactical errors.

It always looks to be somebody else’s fault and he is far too stubborn to confess he did not get it right and has the knack to prove doubters wrong.


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