Ronaldo Will Come Back One Day In Santiago Bernabeu - Perez

Ronaldo Will Come Back One Day In Santiago Bernabeu – Perez

Ronaldo Perez
Ronaldo and Perez are reported to share a cold bond among them as of now. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has said that his former player Cristiano Ronaldo will come back one day in the Santiago Bernabue. However, he said whether Ronaldo will come back as a player or in another role is still uncertain.

The Real Madrid President believes Real Madrid will see Ronaldo again at home one day.

After ending a 9-year spell at Real Madrid, Ronaldo joined Juventus in the summer transfer window. Things haven’t gone to well for the Portugese star after the move.

He failed to win both UEFA and FIFA Player of the year as his former team-mate Luka Modric won both the awards. Modric was awarded winner on Tuesday and Ronaldo didn’t attend the ceremony.

However, Perez insisted that he would have hugged his former player if he have attended the awards ceremony.

“I would have given him a hug [if he had attended FIFA’s The Best awards]. Because, as I said [on Sunday], the Real Madrid fans are very proud to have counted with Cristiano for nine seasons. He is the worthy successor of Alfredo Di Stefano. He is the player who has scored more goals in the history of Madrid. And I think that he is one of those players who will be in the hearts of the Real Madrid fans and will [be remembered] from generation to generation. He is one of those that one day will come back.”

Luka Modric named best male player at FIFA awards

Meanwhile, Perez also believes Modric deserves the award more than Ronaldo as he helped Real Madrid to their third consecutive UCL and led Croatia to the final of the World Cup.

“There’s no question that Modric has been the best player this year, both for his club team, Real Madrid, as well as with the Croatian national team.Everyone clapped in recognition of his excellent season when his name was announced. For us, who placed our faith in him many years ago, this is the reward for many years of fine football, hard work, quality and effort, and I’ve only got words of satisfaction.”