SHOCKING: Pep Guardiola bans Pizza at Manchester City – Check out why!!

Indranil Bhattacharya / 27 July 2016

Manchester City’s new boss Pep Guardiola has banned fast food to control the unwanted extra weight-gain of the City players, claims the Man City full-back Gael Clichy. Clichy also said that Guardiola has a strict warning for the players, if they get overweight, they will be axed!

Guardiola’s discipline has been the key to his success, be it in Barcelona, or at Bayern Munich. Now the City boss has not delayed imposing his disciplinary acts at the Etihad too.

Clichy is an admirer of the 45-year-old Spaniard, and understands that if any player doesn’t evolve his style of play to fit in Pep’s plans, he will be shown the exit door.

The French defender quoted:

“If your weight is too high, you’re not training with the team.

‘You hear it a lot but, for my part, it’s the first time any manager has really done it. And we have a few players who are not training with the team yet.

“You have to know that if your weight is 60 kilos and you are on 70 kilos, then you cannot play football.”

Clichy added: “He cut out some juice and, of course, pizza and all the heavy food is not allowed.

“Some people think that’s normal but, in truth, it’s not always like this. I know because I’ve been playing football for a long time. It’s really refreshing and very exciting.”

According to Clichy, Manchester City’s attack in the 2016/17 season will be a nightmare for any defence in the Premier League.

Clichy added:

“He said if he (Guardiola) could play 11 midfielders, he would play them. So I guess for a midfielder it’s unbelievable. And the strikers are going to score a lot of goals because we are going to create chances.”

For now, Manchester City’s next opponents are Borussia Dortmund, the Manchester giants will play them tomorrow. The Sky blues will face Sunderland in their first Premier League fixture on August 13th.