ISL 2014 : Sourav Ganguly wins the heart of all with his post match performance

Shashi / 21 December 2014

The inaugral season of the Hero ISL . But after the match , Sourav Ganguly won the hearts of many with what he did . His actions have left the IPL franchises to ponder a lot . Sourav Ganguly allowed the players to take the central stage and played second fiddle in the celebrations. Though the ISL crowds at Mumbai, who came to watch the final could not get what the Lord’s crowd got to see from Sourav Ganguly after India won the final in 2002.

Sourav Ganguly allowed the other co-owners of the team to have their share in the celebration . Not only this, he also dragged Sachin Tendulkar, the co-owner of the rival team into the celebrations.

The below tweet sums up Sourav Ganguly’s charecter and need of more of such charecters in the field of sport.

Image credits: cricketcountry

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