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Watch: The Viral Video Of This YouTuber Walking Over The Roof Of Anfield In The Middle Of The Night

English outfit Liverpool are one of the most decorated clubs in world football and though the last decade has not been too kind to them, they have one of the largest fan bases in all of Europe.

There are many things a Liverpool fan is proud of, not to mention their five Champions League titles and their current owners FSG gave them, even more, a reason to cheer last summer.

Fenway Sports Group, who are all out into improving the Anfield outfit, decided to improve the seating capacity of Anfield and decided to build an extension to the Main Stand last summer, which saw Anfield’s capacity increase to over 50,000.

Generally, this means more security to one of the most scenic ground in England across the Stanley Park but that security was breached without too much fuzz by a social media nut.

History of Roof-Walk

Like in the past with West Ham and Arsenal, Liverpool have fallen prey to a YouTuber who decided to scale the Anfield ground.

Back in 2016, a couple of videos were uploaded, which saw a group of people walking on the roof of the Emirates Stadium and the London stadium.

Neither of the videos are allowed to be taken illegally and the amount of nonchalance the YouTuber showed has gone viral.

Here is a video of the Emirates roof-walk:

It is time for Anfield

And this routine found its way to the Merseyside, where Anfield was the target.

YouTuber, named CassOnline today posted a video of him walking on the roof of Anfield, in the dark, showing off the whole ground.

He captioned the video:

Ello Ello! A lot of you guy’s have been requesting a stadium sneak/climbing video for quite a while down in the comments (I see you guys!), so I took a coach down to Liverpool to climb their FC, Anfield.

Hope you guys enjoy the edit and please check out the artists responsible for the musical score in the video!

Here is the video:

This comes at a time when Liverpool’s squad is in Asia for the International Champions Cup that starts in a week.

Do you think Liverpool need to take measure to avoid this in the future?

While many found this video entertaining, the loyal of the Liverpool fans are worried as to how an unnamed YouTuber could make his way into one of the most high profile football stadiums in the country.