Asian Champions Trophy: India beat Malaysia in a nail biting finish

Asian Champions Trophy: India beat Malaysia in a nail biting finish

India beat Malaysia by 2-1 in their last group match at Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament. Malaysia gave a tough fight to the Indian team but the Indian showed the fighting spirit to win the match

In the first quarter, the Indian team played some excellent hockey.India surged ahead in the game in the first quarter through Rupinder Pal Singh who converted the penalty into a goal in the 12th minute.

Malaysia equalised the score though a goal courtesy through Razie Rahim in the 4th minute  of the second quarter again of a penalty corner. An excellent effort by Malaysian forwards was saved by Chitte the goalkeeper 27th minute. In very next minute Chitte saved another effort. In 28th-minute Malaysian goalkeeper also saved an Indian forwards effort to score a goal. At half time the score stood at 1-1. By now India had made 17 circle entries as against 13 of Malaysia, who had shot at target 9 times two times more than India.

In the 5th minute of third quarter, Rupinder Pal Singh Singh hit wide a field pass with no defender except goalkeeper. Very next minute Malaysia wasted an opportunity of scoring a goal. In the 6th minute could not capitalise a penalty corner shot . Malaysia earned their third penalty corner in the 9th minute but was not able to convert into goal. Until then both teams had converted only one out of 3 penalty corners. Malaysia another penalty corner in 11 minutes which was saved again by a defender and the rebound reverse flick went over the goal post. About 2 minutes before the close of third quarter Indian forward  Nikkin Thimmayya got  twenty seconds before the closure of the third quarter India lost another opportunity to score a field goal.

In the third minute of last quarter, India’s claim for a PC for 5 men tackling a forward outside D was sought referral by Malaysia which was upheld and no Penalty was awarded. In the 7th minute, a forceful hit by. Malaysian from D hit their own player badly. Indian player was penalised with yellow card and India had to play rest of the game with 10 players. Malaysia lost another opportunity of scoring a goal off a pass from out of D in They earned a penalty corner, third of the quarter in the 11th minute of last quarter, that was hit wide to the right of the goal post. India got a PC in the 13th minute, as a Malaysian obstructed Rupinder Pal  Singh putting the stick in his leg that was contested by Malaysia but referral failed. Rupinder Pal Singh Singh converted into a goal with a forceful hit in the 58th minute of the game. A penalty corner was awarded to Malaysia 26 seconds before closure. The penalty corner conversion effort by jersey no 10 was saved by the goalkeeper. India topped the table with this 2-1 victory.