Indian men raise in the latest Hockey rankings

Pavan Suresh / 24 July 2015

In the latest rankings announced by Hockey International Federation,  the Indian men’s hockey team has raised one spot to number 8 while the Indian women’s team remains at number 13. These rankings were announced after the World Hockey League semi finals at Anterwp and Valencia.

In men’s section the top spot is occupied by Olympic champions Australia who also won the World Hockey League semi finals in Anterwp, second position is occupied by 2014 World Cup silver medalist Netherlands. Germany, who won the World Hockey League Semi finals is in the third spot. There is an interesting battle going on for the fourth place as Belgium and England are separated by just 27 points with Belguim having their nose ahead. Here we look at the men’s rankings

  1.        Australia
  2.        Netherlands
  3.        Germany
  4.        Belgium
  5.        England
  6.        Argentina
  7.        New Zealand
  8.        India
  9.        Korea
  10.        Pakistan    

As far the women section are concerned, Netherlands remain at the top after winning the World Hockey League semi finals. The second spot belongs to Australia, while the third position, goes to Argentina, fourth goes to NewZeleand. India, who did well in World Hockey League Semi finals by finishing fifth remains in the 13th spot in the rankings. Here we look at the women’s rankings

  1.        Netherlands
  2.        Australia
  3.        Argentina
  4.        New Zealand
  5.        Germany
  6.        China
  7.        England
  8.        USA
  9.        South Korea
  10.        Japan 

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