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Bengal Warriors beats Jaipur in thriller, Bengaluru Bulls beat Patna Pirates

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Jaipur Pink Panthers, defending champions with one loss against Mumbai, met Bengal Warriors (BW) third time at Kolkata in the first match since the inception of the competition.

Dinesh Kumar of Jaipur Pink Panthers started the raid, where as Jasvir Singh earned first point in the first raid itself. Lee earned first point for JPP. BW caught next raider and earned point 2nd point. JPP equalized and moved ahead to 3-2 lead in next one minute.

Sonu Narwal was caught in next raid and BW took lead of 4-3. Jasvir’s raid in 8th minute earned 2 points by getting 2 players of WB out as they failed catches him. Another point in next raid took JPP 6-4. 12. 40 technical break was taken as Jasvir claimed 2 points to equal 7-7.

Soon Patna Pirates took lead,that was negated by super tackle by Bengal Warriors leading 9-8. Jaipur Pink Panthers equaled immediately and Jasvir earned 2 points followed by catching BW last player, thus earning bonus points for making all out and lead 14-10 in 14th minute. In 18th minute technical break was taken PP leading 15-11.

Kuldeep was caught in next raid Bengal Warriors earning 12 point. At half time the score stood at 15-12 in favor of JPP. Post break both team wasted raider. Malleable raid earned 2 points in 3rd raid. Lee’s raid earned 1point, then Jasvir earned 2 points for JPP to take lead of 20-14 in 25th minute.BW earned one point in each of next 2 raids.

Jasvir 9/ 20 (46%) raids. Dinesh was caught in next raid and JPP lead 22-14. In the next raid Rajesh Narwal earned 2 points. Kolkata earned super tackle to reduce the lead to 24-18. In 32 minute a break was taken.

After a technical discussion Bengal Warriors was given a point in next raid of Mahesh. Kuldeep earned next point. In a do or die Jaipur Pink Panthers raider was caught to take the score to 26-21 in favor of Jaipur Pink panthers.

In the next raid earned 2 points and caught Jasvir to reduce the gap to 26-25. By capturing the last man Bengal Warriors earned 3 points to win a thrilling match in last seconds.

Patna Pirates (PP) earned first there points in raids. Rajesh Mondal earned 2 points for Bengaluru Bulls. Next raids both team players were caught taking score to 4-3 in favor of Patna Pirates.

Rajesh Mondal earned the next point in 9th minute to equal at 4-4. Bengaluru took lead with one good raid and one catch of the opponent to take a lead of 7-4 in 12th minute.

Manjit Chillar was given warning showing a green card for raising voice. In next raid  Bengaluru earned an all out taking the lead to 12-6. Pradeep Narwal earned next point in the raid. Dee pal Narwal earned a bonus point and a capture of next raider brought Patna Pirates to 8-13.

Sandeep Narwal caught in the next raid with good joint effort. Manjit was caught next to take the score to 16-8. Amit Hooda’s last raid before went waste and BB lead 16-8 at half time. Manjeet Chillar earned 3 raid and 2 tackle points. After the break Deepak Narwal was captured. Pradeep Narwal had successful raid the score to 18-8 Gurvinder earned 2 points for PP in next raid. Manjit Chillar was caught again and Sandeep Narwal was caught and Bengaluru Bulls earned second all out to take a formidable lead of 23-10 in 25th minute.

Pradeep Narwal earned 2 points in raid to take their score to 12. The team earned next raid point also. Gurvinders next raid failed as he was caught giving BB 25-13 lead in 30 minute. Patna pirates caught up score at 20-27 with good raids in 36th minute. They also caught also last raider Rajesh and earned 3 points for all out to make 23-27. But

Bengaluru Bulls took time out both teams earned 1 point each. Bengaluru Bulls reached 28-24 at the end of 37th minute. Manjeet Chillar earned the next point with a kick touch. Rakesh Kumar next raid failed as he was caught to give Bengaluru a lead of 30-25. Bengaluru won 30-26.  

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