Bengaluru Bulls thrash Telugu Titans 35-21

Pavan Suresh / 31 July 2015

Bengaluru Bulls beat Telegu Titans by 35-21 in the first match of the day at Patna on Friday. It was a close battle till the first half but Bulls dominated the second half stopping Titans winning streak. 

Ajay Thakur started the raid for Bengaluru Bulls. He and next Rahul Mondal had empty raid. Rahul Chowdhary & Deepak Hudda earned first 2 point in their raids for Telegu Titans. Ajay did earn a point in do or die raid. Do or die raid Telegu Titans raider failed. Ajay earned point in their do or die raid, quickly followed by Rahul earning a touch point to take the score 3-3. Hudda earned touch point followed by a successful tackle of ‘ Telegu Titans raid taking Bengaluru Bulls to 5-3 raid. Ajay was tackled and caught in his next raid reducing the gap by a point. Deepak Hudda was also in his raid captured taking BB to 6 points. Sukesh Hegde was next to be tackled by Manjit Challar. Prashant Rai earned a touch point to take TT to 5. Rajesh Mondal was tackled in his raid and TT earned their 6th. Prashant’s next raid earned a point to equal at 7 both team earned bonus points. Ajay was tackled and caught next to get TT lead and creating an opportunity for all out of Bengaluru Bulls. Do or die raid of Sukesh failed and was sent out to earn 2 points including bonus make the score 10-9. Rakesh Narwal earned next point to take the score 11-9 and avid the risk of all out. Rahul was caught again to get BB their 12 point and half time was declared wit 12-9 in favor of Bengaluru Bulls.

After break Telegu Titans (Subramanyam &  Hudda) & Bengaluru Bulls  ( manjit Chillar) had empty raids each. Antony was captured in a do or die and Rakesh Narwal earned a touch point. Next raid of Subramanyam  a point each but Telegu Titans was all out taking the lead to 18-10 in favor of Bulls. Next raid of Manjit both teams earned a point each as he was pushed out of lobby. Prashant Rai earned a touch point taking Telegu Titans to 12 points.  Rakesh Narwal was tackled in a do or die raid. Hudda was also tackled in his next raid taking score to 20-13. Prashant again claimed a touch point in his raid for which referral was asked but decision went against TT having gone into lobby without touching taking Bulls 21. Ajay was captured in next raid by good effort Sandeep . Sukesh had an empty raid. Prashant Chiller had an empty raid following which BB took time out just  8 minutes to go for final whistle. Telegu Titans ‘s Sukesh was captured by BB earning a super tackle and 2 points to take 23. Rakesh Narwal’s next raid earned one point each. Telegu Titans’s Hudda was captured . Telegu Titans coach was shown yellow card and banned from court for 4 minutes.  Prasad was also captured in next raid to take formidable lead of 26-17 in favour of Bulls in 35th minute. Ashish earned a point in his first raid. With only 3 player substitute Miraj earned a point. But next super raid by Ajat Thakur taking 3 points pushed them to wall.  Sukesh earned 2 super touch point in next raid. Ajay and Sukesh earned one touch point each for their teams. In the last raid Sukesh was tackled and Bulls earned their second all out of the day winning the match 35-21. The key features of the match were  Manjit earning 8 of 10  points and best defender and audience wish award of the match.  Ajay Thakur earned best raiders award.  ManjeetChiller earned player of the match.

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