Usain Bolt created history in the 200 meters in the World Championship in Bejing on Thursday with a sublime finish the 200 meters at 19.55 seconds. And during that time, one of the close friends of this lightning sprinter Yohan Blake was a visitor at the gallery. And in an e-mail interaction on Friday night, after his friend created history in the 200 meters, Blake revealed the mystery of Bolt magic on the track for last seven years since 2008 Bejing Olympics.

Blake, also one of the World athletics’ leading sprinters and a student from Racers’ Club Jamaica where legendary coach Glen Mills trains both the athletes, has mentioned the five key reasons behind Bolt’s success. Blake, in his e-mail reply, said: “The most important thing in Bolt’s character is that he can easily forget the past. Even, he never wants to remember the past glory he has created in his earlier career. The second important thing is that Bolt has an enormous amount of concentration both during the training as well as before a competition as the games were tainted by the doping scam.”

Blake mentioned, “Even during the training at Racers’ Club, he cannot identify anybody! Even he does not talk to me during the phase. He will only hang about after the practice ends.” And according to Blake, Bolt has another key reason which always has guided him to the success that he is committed to his coach Glen Mills.

Blake who has been suffering from injury for around last one year has resumed his training a couple of weeks ago. The sprinter, who won the gold medal in the World Championship in 2011, is optimistic on his return to the track in Rio Olympics in 2016. And Blake also expressed his relief after Bolt won the title as he has mentioned. “Usain has been the symbol of transparency in the present day athletics when the game is tarnished by doping.”


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