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Wrestling: BOOOOMMM!!!!! Rajiv Tomar wins a Silver Medal in the men’s 125 Kg 

Shooting: BOOOOMMMM!!!! Lajja Gauswami wins a Bronze Medal in the women’s 50 m Rifle 3 Position 

Wrestling: BOOOMMMM!!!!! Sushil Kumar wins Gold in men’s 74 Kg Finals ‪

Shooting: Lajju Gauswami in the third place in the women’s 50 m Rifle 3 Position Final with 15 shots to go.

Wrestling: BOOOMMMM!!!!! Vineesh won a Gold Medal in the women’s 48 Kg…..

Wrestling: BOOOMMMM!!!!! Amit Kumar won a Gold Medal in the men’s 57 Kg…..

Wrestling: Four Indians in the Gold Medal Matches coming your way.

Shooting: BOOOMMMMMM!!! Gagan Narang and Sanjeev Rajput wins a Bronze and Silver medal in the Finals of the 50 m Air Rifle 3 Position Finals 

Shooting: India favourites to win 2 medals in the men’s 50 m Pistol  3 Position.

Shooting: Lajju Gauswami qualified for the women’s 50 m Pistol 3 Position which begins at 21:15 IST.

Shooting: Players preparing for the Standing position.

Shooting: Sanjeev Rajput is at the fourth position after the first 30 shots.

Athletics: Ashwini Akkunji fails to qualify for the 400 m Hurdles.

Men’s Hockey: India trail Australia by 1-3 at the half time.

Shooting: BOOOOOMMMMM!!!! Indian shooter Manavjit Sandhu wins bronze medal in men’s trap

Men’s Hockey: Australia score two goals in the first 15 minutes.

Shooting: Manavjit Sandhu qualifies for the Bronze medal match in the men’s trap whereas Mansheer Singh is knocked out.

Shooting: Men’s Trap Semi Finals featuring Mansheer Singh and Manavjit Sandhu will begin in the next fwminutes.

Men’s Hockey: India take on Australia in few minutes time.

Shooting: BOOOMMMM!!!!!!! Harpreet Singh wins silver medal in 25m rapid fire pistol 

Wrestling: Amit Kumar reaches the Finals of the men’s 57 Kg

Update from Weight Lifting: Indian weightlifter Santoshi Matsa’s medal upgraded to silver while Swati gets bronze after Nigerian lifter tested positive.

Shooting: Harpreet Singh is in action in the men’s 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol Finals

Wrestling: Vinesh qualified for the Semi Finals of women’s 48 Kg

Wrestling: Sushil Kumar reaches the finals of men’s 74 Kg Finals

Wrestling: Rajeev Tomar reaches the finals of men’s 125 Kg Finals

Wrestling: Amit Kumar reaches the Semi Finals of the men’s 57 Kg

Wrestling: Rajeev Tomar reaches the men’s 125 Kg Semi Finals

Shooting: Harpreet Singh qualifies for the 25 m Rapid Fire Pistol whereas Vijay Kumar was knocked out.

Wrestling: Sushil Kumar reaches the men’s 74 Kg Semi Finals

Wrestling: Sushil Kumar reaches the men’s 74 Kg Quarter Finals.

Wrestling: Amit Kumar qualifies for the quarter finals of the men’s 57 Kg.

Wrestling: India’s Jyothi lost to Nigeria’s Onyabuchi in the women’s 75 Kg match 2

Shooting: Vijay Kumar out of qualification position for the finals with the qualification yet to get completed.

Wrestling: Wrestling kick starts today and few mwdals for can be expected from it.

Shooting: Indian shooters are having an outstanding qualifications and everyone of the looks favourites to be in the Finals.

Shooting: Harpreet Singh and Vijay Kumar in action in the men’s 25 m Pistol Qualification Stage 2.

Shooting: Mansheer Singh and Manavjit Sandhu in action in the Day 2 of the men’s Trap qualification. 

Gymnastics: Ashish Kumar makes it to the individual finals on the floor event.

Shooting: Gagan Narang and Sanjeev Rajput are safe in the qualification positions for the Finals.

Shooting: Gagan Narang and Sanjeev Rajput in action in the 50 m Rifle 3 Position

Are You Guys excited ahead of the Day 6 of the Glasgow 2014? Indians are taking part in medal classification rounds in Shooting. If the Shooters manage to get their targets right, then India can see atleast three medals today. And the Badminton Singles kicks starts at the Emirates Arena.


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