Dibyendu Barua, the second Indian Grandmaster in chess after Viswanathan Anand, completed the 10th year of his academy in the last week in Kolkata. It was a delightful evening where another Grandmaster, Surya Shekhar Ganguly and few more prominent chess players of Kolkata were also felicitated in the function. Speaking on the occasion, Barua said, he was truly satisfied with the progress of his academy. He said, “I started the academy in South Kolkata with only 21 boys 10 years ago. Along with teaching chess, I also had another motive which was to spread the game all around Bengal. Now, my academy has three centers in Kolkata and another in Durgapore. And the number of students has crossed 300. We have been able to spread the game.”

Barua also looked happy with his students from this academy that, have been showing performance in the international level. The 48-year old chess player added, “There are around 10 to 15 students including boys and girls who have been extremely consistent in different international tournaments in recent times. As Chandryee Ghosh, the 17-year old chess player had brought glory by earning a bronze medal in the recently held in Asian Chess championship. It proves that we are moving in the right direction.” 

More importantly, according to Barua who was once called wonder kid after winning the national championship at the age of only 12 years, nowadays, development of chess all over the Bengal as well as in India has opened the gate for the chess players to get jobs in private sectors as well as in the public sectors also. Barua said, “For last 10 years the trend has developed where a chess player, performing in the National A chess championship (now called Challengers Trophy), is easily being called up by the public sector houses for jobs. That is why a number of boys and girls are coming to play chess nowadays.”

But at the same time, Barua regretted that in spite of showing performance the academy has not got any financial assistance in last 10 years. Barua lamented, “In spite of being a popular sports person in Bengal, nobody has come forward with any permanent financial assistance till date. Still, we organize an international tournament on behalf of academy amidst the dire distress.”


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