Bianca Walkden shares her views on the World Taekwondo Grandprix 2013 to be held in Manchester

Editor Sportzwiki / 29 September 2014

In an interview with Sportzwiki, Bianca Walkden shares her views on the World Taekwondo Grandprix 2013 to be held in Manchester, UK. She also shares about her interests and her love for the game.  Excerpts from the interview with Bianca- Sportzwiki- Thank you for taking out time for the interview from your busy schedule Bianca. Bianca Walkden- My pleasure! Sportzwiki- What is Taekwondo for you? Bianca Walkden – Taekwondo  to me is just a cool and exciting sport. I love all the kicks, and just love doing it. Sportzwiki- Tell us something about your Taekwondo journey so far. Bianca Walkden- I have been doing taekwondo since I was 11. Got to the Great Britain Academy team when I was 15. And, I have moved from Liverpool to Manchester by myself. Sportzwiki- What are the skills required to be a good Taekwondo player? Bianca Walkden – You need a fighting heart. Good coordination and timing are essential to be a good taekwondo athlete. Sportzwiki- How is your preparation for the World Taekwondo Grandprix 2013? Bianca Walkden – It’s great. Thank you. I am really looking forward to it. I just want to go out there and have fun and feel relaxed. I just want to go for it. Sportzwiki- What do you have to say to those participating in the GrandPrix? And, how do you see this event? Bianca Walkden This Grand Prix is going to be the best taekwondo competition ever. It is going to have the best of the best there. Everyone will be trying to get some world ranking points for Rio 2016. I just want to say Good luck to everyone. Sportzwiki- What do you do when you are not doing Taekwondo? Bianca Walkden I love going to the casino, and the cinema. I am hooked on popcorn and tango ice blasts. J Sportzwiki- How tough it is to find sponsors in Taekwondo? Bianca Walkden- It is not that easy to get sponsors in Taekwondo. I would love to have some sponsorships. Taekwondo is getting a lot more Recognized and bigger, so hopefully it gets easier in the future. Also, I’d love to be sponsored by BMW because my initials are BMW. J Sportzwiki- And, what message would you like to give to the young athletes who are practicing Taekwondo? Bianca Walkden Just enjoy your taekwondo and remember why you started. Always believe in yourself and go for what you want. Sportzwiki- Well that’s all we had for you Bianca. All the best to You for the World Taekwondo Grandprix 2013, Manchester and for Rio 2016. Have a great time! Bianca Walkden Thank You.

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