Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Puneri Paltans by 35-29 to register second win of Pro Kabaddi League season 2 just few moments ago. It was important for Jaipur Pink Panthers to win this match to remain in contention for the semi finals.

In the first half the first points went to Jaipur Pink Panthers when Rajesh Narwal returned successfully from his raid. Jasvir Singh was tackled as Puneri Paltans equaled the things in the match. After 4 minutes both teams were tied at 2-2. Sonu Narwal earned a super tackle after tagging 3 defenders.

The Jaipur Pink Panthers reduced Puneri Paltans to just 1 player till the 11th minute. Pravin Nivale revived a teammate but Jaipur Pink Panthers sent them back. Jaipur earned an all out to lead 15-10. For the rest f the half both teams exchanged points and Jaipur led 19-13 at the end of first half.

After the break, Tushar Patil started the raid, went into lobby without touching any opponent giving Jaipur a point.  In the next raid raider was tackled Jaipur earning another point. Sanjay earned 2 points for Pune in next raid. Sonu was declared out in a do or die raid getting another point to Pune reducing the gap to only 5 point.

Rajesh Narwal earned 2 points for Jaipur. Pravin was tackled in next raid taking score to 24-16 in favor of Jaipur in 25th minute. In the next do or die raid Rajesh Narwal was tackled and caught ant took the score to 24-16.Tushar Patil successful raid to earn a point. So did the next raider by slipping out in a do or die raid taking the score 25-19 10 minutes before final whistle.

The next raid from Pune earned 2 points. Kuldeep Singh had an empty raid. Mahipal was caught in next raid taking Jaipur to 27. Tushar’s raid was asked review by Jaipur that declared out as he has entered lobby without touching any opponent. Sanjay was touched by Rajesh Narwal taking Jaipur to 29. Pravin Niwale earned 2 points.

Sonu Narwal was pushed out of the ground after touch and hence Pune earned a point. Sonu had  5 successive raids today. Pravin earned another touch point to reduce the gap to 4 points only. Pravin again earned a point in next raid also leaving only 2 players. Jasvir’s blunder earned a touch point. Then Pravin was out in a super tackle to take Jaipur to 32-26 lead and winning position.

Mahipal earned a point for Pune. Mahipal was pushed out and defender also went after tackle turning into super tackle taking score to 34-28 in favor of Jaipur. Next Sonu earned a point to win 35-29. Both the teams earned 10 points by both teams where as in tackle points Jaipur was ahead by 10-7.

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