Jaipur Pink Panthers register their first win of Pro Kabaddi League season 2

Pavan Suresh / 28 July 2015

The Defending champions entered this match after 4 successive losses to take on well placed in league table Bengaluru Bulls.

Jasvir captain and one of the star raider succeeded in getting touch first raid. Ajay Thakur was caught in the third raid to give Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 2-0.

Dhanraj earned the first raid and then Kuldeep was caught,both team getting one point each to take score to 3-2 in favor of JPP in fifth minute. In a doo or die raid Ajay Thakur earned a point. Soon ran sings also earned a touch point. Manjit followed the suit taking score to 4-4.

Jasvir took the next point and also Manjit was caught to get JPP  the lead to 6-5. In next raid Jasvir was caught to narrow the lead by one point and equaled the score in the next raid as Navneet went out into lobby without touching any one. Rajesh Mondal earned his first point for BB and in next raid ran sings was caught to take lead of 9-7.

In the next raid of Manjeet was caught and super tackle to equal the score again at 9. Mondal took a point again. In a Jaipur Pink Panthers review Kuldeep claimed bonus point that was lost, followed by Manjeet Chiller earned a touch point and Kuldeep was caught and JPP got all out and Bengaluru Bulls led 14-9. After all out Ajay Thakur was thrown out by Jasvir, who was warned through green card. Next Jasvir was caught.

In the next raid, Kuldeep made it super raid and earned 4 points and took his team to 14. A review asked by BB for awarding only 3 points failed. Thus both teams lost their review chance of the match. Then began Jaipur Pink Panthers revival. In The next raid Manjit Chillar was caught to give JPP chance of equalling score 15-15. In the next and final raid just before half time Jasvir got super touch and also earned all out taking Jaipur Pink Panthers to a lead of 19-15.

After break two empty raids went empty. Then Mondal and Kuldeep were caught earning a point each for their teams. Ajay Thakur earned a touch point for Bengaluru Bulls in 25th point. Rinsing earned 2 points in his raid taking BB to a lead of 5 points. Mondal earned a bonus point crossing black line. After earning point JPP caught Ajay Thakur by a good effort of Rajesh to take them to 24.

Jaipur Pink Panthers took time out 10 minutes before final whistle. After the break Kuldeep was caught in a do or die raid and same happened as the opponent got out in a do or die raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers caught Rajesh Mondal.  Rakesh Narwal earned a touch point but was caught in immediate next raid. In between Jaipur Pink Panthers earned a point by capturing the opponent. Dharmraj was captured and JPP earned second all out of Bengaluru Bulls.

Now Jaipur Pink Panthers led formidable 32-21 just five minutes before whistle. Pradeep Narwal replaced Rajesh Mondal for Jaipur Pink Panthers. Rajesh Narwal of Jaipur Pink Panthers got out due to empty raid in a do or die raid. Next Manjeet and Pradeep Narwal were caught in two successive raids taking JPP to 35. Rakesh Narwal was tackled and caught in next raid. Jaipur Pink Panthers finally earned first win of the season at 36-23. Jaipur Pink Panthers earned 13 and 14 points as against 7 and 8 by Bengaluru Bulls Respectively in the match that made the difference.

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