Washington, Dec 24 (IANS) Top ice hockey player Jaromir Jagr asked Santa Claus for new teeth in his Christmas wish after the 43-year-old Florida Panthers veteran lost several teeth after taking a high stick to the face during their 2-1 win over the Ottawa Senators. Two days after Jagr took sole possession of fourth place on the National Hockey League’s (NHL) all-time goals list, he took a high stick to the face during Tuesday’s game, making him lose four teeth, reports Xinhua. 

Jagr tweeted a picture of his mouth along with a request for new teeth from Santa on Wednesday: “Dear Santa, can I get new teeth for Christmas. It’s going to be tough to eat good, at least, I don’t get fat.” Though losing teeth is a horrifying experience for most people, Jagr proved it doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Or even a deal at all. To his credit, Jagr’s first reaction was to look on the bright side — losing those teeth made him faster on the ice. “I lost some…teeth, but I increased my speed, especially on breakaways. I don’t want to hear anything about (how) I’m slow,” Jagr joked.

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