Rio de Janeiro, Nov 27 (IANS) The Brazilian government has announced it has already adopted the best measures to combat terrorism and there is no need to increase the security arrangements for the 2016 Olympic Games 2016 despite recent terrorist threats.

Despite the terrorist attacks in Paris two weeks ago, “there are no changes in the plans because we have already adopted the best measures to prevent and combat terrorism. However, we are careful, vigilant and more cautious,” said the special secretary for the Ministry of Justice’s Security for Important Events, Andrei Rodrigues, during a news conference on Thursday, reports Xinhua.

For Olympics, the Brazilian authorities trust the Comprehensive Centre for Police Cooperation as well as the fact they have already organised and held the football World Cup in 2014. The authorities will allow the country’s police to exchange information and collaborate with police from at least 40 countries and regions.

Foreign police will also be involved in operations and protecting their respective delegations during the event. However, foreign police will be under constant supervision of Brazil’s Federal Police. “It will be the first time that police and intelligence organisations from all over the world work together against terrorism in an Olympic Games,” said Rodrigues.


International cooperation is fundamental in avoiding any act of terrorism in Rio de Janeiro during the event, according to Rodrigues. All help offered by other countries to fight terrorism is welcome, he added.

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