Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has made a peculiar statement while describing Mary Kom on whom she is playing a biopic.

Priyanka Said: “I knew of MC Mary Kom only as an Olympic medalist and not as a five-time successive World Boxing champion. I felt stupid and ill-informed. Rocky was also a five-time champion and everybody knew that. So, Mary’s story needed to be told.”

Veteran actress also said it was difficult for her to gauge the boxer’s personality.  So in order to know more about her, she met Olympic bronze medallist occasionally over previous two years and even visited her hometown.  To justify the role played, Priyanka tried to copy Mary Kom — from her hairstyle to her unique laughter.

Priyanka, who was coached by Mary Kom’s, chuckled: “I also opened her cupboards, checked out her bathroom and kids’ rooms. We eventually became friends. She sent me a dress from Manipur, which I wore in the film. Sometimes, I’d call her before doing a difficult scene.”

“Mary is a junglee bachcha. She was shouting at everybody when I met her for the first time. I wanted that aggression to come across, I was nervous the day she saw the film. And now that the girl I’m representing has said ‘Waah, waah’, my responsibility is over,” added former Miss World.  

Moreover, Mary Kom declared that Priyanka is best suited for this movie as she feels both are similar.

“Priyanka said people find her tomboyish, although she isn’t like that. Everyone at home would call me a tomboy as I’d often dress like a boy, but I’m not a tomboy,” adds India’s celebrated women boxer.  

Meanwhile, Marry revealed that she was moved to have a biopic based on her, “It’s strange that everybody will know about my life. When I’m gone, my children and grandchildren will get to see the ups and downs of my journey.”

Movie Mary Kom, which is co-produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, will release on September 5, 2014.





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