Telegu Titans’ last minutes raid helped them to draw in nailbiting finish against Puneri Paltans at Hyderabad just few moments ago. It was a match which swung from one side as Pune was leading but hosts came back to draw the match.   

Patna Pirates won the toss and chose the court. Telegu Titans had two empty raids as against one of Puneri Paltans . Pune earned a touch point in their second raid. While Pune fielded 2 raiders, 2 all rounders and 3 defenders, TT fielded 3 raiders, 3 defenders and one all rounders. Pune were aggressive and got TT all out in 7th minute with a great super raid by their captain Meraj & Wazir Singh. They continued playing well thereafter too. Rahul Chowdahri was not very successful today. Sukesh Hegde and Hudda also had an average success in raids today.  Pravin was tackled to earn 9th point for TT. Mukesh Hegde had a super raid earning 3 points thus reducing the gap to 3 only in 16th minute. In the next raid PP was all out making the score equal at 16 all. Pune took the lead as Wazir Singh earned 2 touch points in successive raids but soon Deepak Hudda equalled the score at 18.  Wazir got third successive raid taking PP to 20-18 lead at half time. Wazir had 5 successful raids out of 8 earning 7 points by half time.

Second half began with Pravin Niwale’s raids Wazir was tackled well earning followed by a touch point to make the score 20-20. Rahul had only one success raid out of 9 raids. Pravin tackled by Deepak Hudda but succeeded in earning a point, followed by Meraj earning a touch point f or Pune. Wazir again earned a point touching Sandeep. Sukesh Hegde was tackled well taking Pune to 23 points. Meraj earned a point . Then Wazir earned 2 points taking Pune to a lead of 25-22. Prashnat Rai replacing Rahul had first empty raid. In the do or die raid Deepak Hudda earned a touch point taking Telegu Titans to 23. Wazir earned 26th point for Pune. After Sukesh Hegdes & Mahipal Narwal’s empty raids Pune team took time out. Wazir Singh had earned 11 points today so far. In do or die raid Sukesh earned a touch point in second attempt. He had earned 7 points. Pravin Niwale was captured by Deepak’s efforts reducing the gap to just one point. In next raid Prashant Rai was tackled to get Puneri Paltans 2 points lead in 35th minute. Pune asked for review claiming raider has not earned bonus point. The review was successful taking Pune to lead of 27-25. Sukesh earned a touch point jumping over the defender. Wazir was tackled and captured with RajGuru’s effort equalling the score at 27. A time out by end of 37th minute. Sukesh and Mahipal Narwal had empty raids after time out. Deepak Hudda and Ravi Kumar also had empty raid. Sukesh Hegde was tackled in do or die raid with good hold of Ravi Kumar. Pravin Nawale earned a touch point.Pravin Niwale was captured. In last raid Hudda also had empty raid drawing the match at 29-29. By end of the night Hyderabad (42),Mumbai (40), Bangalore and Jaipur occupied the top 4 positions.

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