Telegu Titans trash U Mumba for their second defeat in Pro Kabaddi League 2015

Pavan Suresh / 18 August 2015

Telegu Titans trash U Mumba to give them their second defeat of the PKL 2015 at Pune just few hours ago. It was a dominating performance by Telegu Titans who gave chances to their bench strength.  

Rohit Baliyan of Telegu Titans and Bhupender Singh of UMumba had first empty raids to start with Isac Antony and Pradeep Kumar captain of the UMumba today earned first touch point for UMumba. Prashant Rai earned a bonus point in do or die raid for Telegu Titans. Pawan Kumawr earned a touch point in his second raid.Pradeep Kimar also earned a touch point to make the score 3-2 in favor of UMumba. Prapanjan had an empty raid followed by Rohit earned a touch point thorough a kick

Isac Antony earned  2 points getting Bhupender & Gopal out in an good tackle effort. Prashant Rai earned a touch point taking TT in lead of 7-4. Sandeep also earned a touch point. Then remaining Faizal and Pradeep did a wonderful super tackle of raider Sandeep. Bhupender also earned a touching to take the score equal at 8 all. Isac touched Anoop AV which he denied by umpire gave him out. Bhupender again earned a touch point to Mae 9-9.

Rohit Baliyan earned a point as tackle failed to take TTH to 10-9. Rohit Baliyan slipped out of defenders hands and claimed a raid point but Um asked for Video review that went I favor of Hyderabad that lead to 11-9. Pavan Kumar next raid earned a point followed by the last player surrendering ad UMumba declared all put thus Telegu Titans lead 15-9 in 15th minute.  Prashant Rain earned 16th point through touch. Isac was tackled well holding both thighs. Pradeep eqrned a touching followed by a touch point by Rohit Baliyan. Bhupender was tackled and pushed out of the court taking Hyderabad to 18. Next raids earned one point to each team taking the score to 19-11 in favor of Hyderabad. Rohit was tackled and UMumba earned their 12th point and K Pranjpan was also tackled and the score stood at 20-12 at half time.

After resumption Prashant Rai earned a touching for Telegu Titans and Pradeep Kumar earned 2 touch points in his first raid after resumption. Bhupender also earned a raid point followed by a point for Rohit Balian. Prapanjan of UMumba Was tackled Isac in the do or die raid earned a touch point due toor effort to tackle him. Bhupender was tackled but poorly and earned point. Rohit Balian of Telegu TitansT was tackled next taking UMumba to 17-25. Pawan Kumar sand Isac had empty raids. In do or die raid Pradeep was tackled successfully by all Telegu Titans players. Prashant Rai did a marvelous super raid.

Pawan Kumar earned a bonus point and touch point by getting last man out and UM all out for the second time today taking Telegu Titans to 33-18 lead in 32nd minute. After Resumption Pawan Kumar was tackled and pushed out of the court. Rupesh Tomar a Substitute was poorly tackled by only one player earning a point in his first raid.  Pradeep earned a touch point due to poor tackle by a single player. Vinod a substitute was tackled and Park a substitute earned 2 points for Telegu Titans. Pradeep earned super raid 2 players out and one bonus point. To take the score to 39-23 in favor of Telegu Titans.

Rupesh Tomar earned a touch point after an UMumba raider was tackled, followed by surrendering of UM’s last player as U Mumba Got third time all out. Sandeep was tackled and Telegu Titans won 46-25 finally in a match of no consequence in the teams ranking.

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