Telugu Titans pulverizes Patna Pirates 54-32

Pavan Suresh / 06 August 2015

Telegu Titans pulverizes Patna Pirates at Hyderabad just few moments ago. It was an dominating performance by Telegu Titans who outplayed Patna Pirates in all departments.

Right from the word go Telegu Titans was having wonderful time both in raids and tackles. Their star players Rahul Chowdhari, Meraj Sheikg, Deepak Hudda, Sukesh Hegde were getting points. They got Patna Pirates all out in first 5 minutes followed by similar fate in next four minutes. Only Ravi Dalal for Patna Pirates was getting few raid points. After the second all out in tenth minute Telegu Titans were leading 20-4.

Then Patna Pirates earned a few raid points best being two points by Ravi Dalal to take them to 9 points. PP was all out again in 17th minute to take Telegu Titans to a lead of 32-9. By now Rahul had earned 6 raid points.    Ravi Dalal was tackled by Deepak Hudda.  Sukesh was tackled to earn 10th point for Patna Pirates. Meraj  Shekh touched despite getting 4 points in a super raid. Ravi  Dalal earned one point followed by Rahul taking a raid point before half time score of 38-12, the biggest lead so far in this season. Rahul Chowdhari earned 8 points in 10 raids by this time. Meraj had 2 super raids today by now.

After break Rahul Chowdhary got touch point in the first raid. Sandeep’s wrong tackle followed by tackling last man of PP lead their 3rd successive all out of the day and Telegu Titans led by 43-13. Meriaj was g oven out for braking saying kabaddi-kabaddi. Sukesh had empty raid and Ravi Dalal  was tackled and caught in the do or die raid. Deepak Hudda had empty raid followed by Deepak Narwal was captured by Rahul. Sukesh earned a point as one opponent player went into lobby. Deepak Hudda earned a touch point and Dok Eom earned a point for PP.

Ravi Dalal brought an excellent tackle to earn 16th point for PP, while Telegu Titans had moved to 47. Deepak NarwL earned 17th point by slipping out of a tackle. Sukesh Hegde was tackled in next raid to take PP to 18. Sandeep Narwal was involved in a super tackle in 31 minute. Eom earned a raid point. D Gopu had an empty raid followed by 2 touch points by Deepak Narwal leaving Prashant who raided and Telegu Titans got all out for the first time today taking PP to 24 points.

Ravi earned a bonus point in his next raid. Deepak earned a touch point again. In the next do or die raid Sukesh earned 50th point for the first time for any team this season. Meraj was tackled by Deepak Narwal poorly giving Telegu Titans 51st and next raid of Meraj earned a touch point to take Telegu Titans to 52nd point. In the do or die raid Eom earned a point.

Then Ravi earned 2 touch points to take Patna Pirates to 30. Ravi Dalal earned a point for touching mid line escaping from a tackle. Rahul Chowdhari earned a touch point to register the biggest victory of 54-32 for Telegu Titans. Touch points of 27-15 and 15-6 tackle points for Telugu Titans today’s superb performance of the day. UM (40),TT (39),BB (30) and Patna Pirates occupied the first four positions at the end of the play today.

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