The pro-wrestling extravaganza ‘The Great Khali Returns Series’ is about to start tomorrow. The hype even got bigger after the pre-event press conference happened and Khali himself signed the death warrant. The spectacular is about to feature international wrestlers who eventually will face each another in real fights.

The organizers of #CM4YOUTH, CM Harish Rawat’s youth outreach education to underprivileged children and OmReels Bioscope Private Limited, a specialist entertainment solutions provider announced the officiating and conducting team of the event. In the presence of numerous internationally acclaimed pro-wrestlers, referees, commentators, announcers and the host Indian actress and presenter Gurbani Judge aka VJ Bani, Khali lost his temper. (courtesy

The incident took place after one of the International competitors threw a rough comment towards the giant Indian wrestler. Khali visibly lost his cool and re-stated his open challenge to all his detractors to talk less and come and meet him in the ring.

A highly emotional Khali has stated “People keep making these empty threats and useless statements every day. If they have the guts they should stop talking and come and meet me in the ring and then we will see who is who.” 

Khali concluded with “Just because we are Indians they think they are superior and can say and do whatever they want. They have not only challenged me but also the spirit of India and I am not going to let them win. 

“I The Great Khali today promise all of you’ll that I will kick each one of their asses and not rest in peace till I do so. I today sign my own death warrant as a mark of this resolve. This to me now is far bigger than my own personal ego and is a matter of national pride,”

He ended by signing his death contract on paper in full public glare and the presence of all the officials of the event and Padmashree award winner Jaspal Rana.


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