Dabang Delhi and Telegu Titans played the most entertaining tie of the tournament in the second match of the day at Thagraj Stadium, Delhi on Tuesday night. It was one of the thrilling match of the tournament as the match swung from one side to another and both teams played excellent game.

The match started slowly with Telegu Titans earning 3 raid points. Rahul Chowdhary was struggling but Sukesh Hegde got them points. Kashiling Adke and Rohit Chowdhary were also not successful and Adke had to sit out for long. Selvvamiani the substitute earned first point for Delhi. He also earned second point but was tackled in his 3rd successive raid. Telegu Titans was leading 7-4 now then Kashiling brought an excellent raid to take them to 11-6 leaving only 1 player Selvamani in Dabang Delhi, thus threatening them getting all out. But then something unusual happened on raids as the last man Selvamani first earned a bonus point and was involved in a tackle and he achieved a super raid by slipping under the stretched hands of 2 defender. That earned 4 points and revived 3 players avoiding all out and taking the score to 11-10 in favor of Telegu Titans. Then on Adke also came in form and earned touch point leaving only one player in Deepak for Delhi. Last raider Deepak Hudda was tackled and TT was all out taking DD to 17-13 lead for the first time. Deepak Hudda earned a touch point to take the score to 18 all. Adke got 2 touch point to take lead again at 20-18. Last raids by Adke and Prashant Rai went empty before the half time buzzer.

Pahal was tackled and captured Meraj. Kashiling earned 2 touch points taking Delhi to 23-18 leaving only 2 players. Adke was captured turning into super tackle reducing the gap to only 2 points Dabang Delhi leading at 23-21. Next Deepak tackled alone but Adke Successeeded . Last man Issa. Revived Rahul . Kashiling earned his 10th point of the day leaving Rahul alone. His final, raid was super raid. Next was tackled that was discussed and 2 points were given to him having crossed mid line. Meraj Sheikh earned one touch point and another bonus. Adke again got out one Telegu Titans player. Meraj earned 2 touch point equalling the score at 29-29 and reviving 2 players in Hudda and Tomar. Kashiling was tackled in 31 minute Tomar capturing him and Hudda supporting taking TT in lead of 31-29. Meraj was tackled in next raid. Tomar earned 2 touch points again to take Telegu Titans to lead 33-32. Kashiling earned 2 touch point and got TT all out for the sec.ond time taking Dabang Delhi in lead of 37-33. Kashling earned  17 highest points in this season. Deepak Hudda earned one touch point and one bonus point. Followed by KAshiling earned oneoint by dragging Sandeep. Deepak Hudda earned another point taking them to 36 as against 38 of TT. Rahul Chowdhary earned a touch point to reduce the gap to 1 only. Rahul slipped out of defenders to make it super raid taking Telegu Titans to 40-38 lead. Next raid of Kashiling went out of court but after touching Mukesh and 2 others earning a super raid taking Dabang Delhi to 41-40. Deepak touched Rohit and took the score again so did Adke touched Hudda. In next raid Rahul Chowdhary earned 2 points taking TT to 43-42 lead. Kashiling earned bonus point and 2 touch points taking Dabang Delhi 45-43. In the last raid Adke claimed a touch point that was not awarded instead he was declared out by the umpire for not crossing the white line. Delhi asked for a review claiming that Kashiling had not touched Hudda that was also upheld ending the match in thrilling tie at 45-45 as TT got one point. This turned out to be the most thrilling match of the tournament so far. Kashiling earned the highest raiding points of  24 out of 26 raids in a match in the tournament since inception. Sandeep of Telegu Titans earned best defender award while Kashiling earned best raider and audience choice award. The next stop will be Bangalore. Telegu Titans is in 1st place, followed by U Mumba, Bengalru Bulls and Jaipur Pink Panthers.  

    I am pavan Suresh. I have done my schooling from LPS. I am big fan of sports especially cricket and want to become a sports journalist. I want to write cricket articles.

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