U Mumba beat Puneri Paltans in a close encounter

Pavan Suresh / 21 July 2015

U Mumba beat Puneri Paltans 28-21 in the final leg match at Mumbai just few moments ago. It was a good performance by the U Mumba team which did a great job in raids and also in the defense.

Anup Kumar started the raid. Wazir Singh started for Pune. Official time out called soon. Shabeer’s  Kumars raids also went waste.  Pune earned the first point in its fifth raid. Shabbier earned a point for Mumbai. Vazir Singh took 2 points in his next raid. Pravin replaced Yogesh in 4 minute. In 9 the minute Mumbai equalled the score 4 all. Next raid Vazir was caught to give Mumbai lead of 6-4 soon after. Wazir’s raid in 13 minute earned 2 points to make 6-6. Next Shabeer earned a point in next 2 raids. Then Mumbai caught Wazir’s to take the score to 9-6. Surendra Nada of Pune was shown green card in fifteenth minute. Praveen Narwal replaced Mahipal.  Rishank Devadia’s fifth raid went waste. Manoj earned 8th point and caught Rishank and made 10-9 at half time. In the first half Anup Kumar was unsuccessful in getting any points that was compensated by Rishank and Shabeer for UMumba.

After the break Vazir’s started the raid. Shabeer followed from UM. Next 2 raids from UM went waste where as Mahipal earned a point to equal score 10 all. Next point through raid followed by capturing earned 3 points to go ahead 13-10. In 25 minute Pune took time out (90 sec) at 13-11. Mahipal made 13-12 with a fine raid. Immediately thereafter Shabeer scored a point. Next raid by Wazir’s earned them 1 point giving 2 points to UM to take the score 16-13. Next raid of Pravin got 2 points through an excellent raid. Pavan who replaced Mohit chiller was caught during next raid. Thus Pune tok lead of 18-17 with all out bonus points. U Mumba equalled with Shabeer’s raid very next minute. Shabeer had 7/13 successful raid and then UM Mahipal was captured in next raid making 20-18 in favor of UM. Anup earned the first point in his 8th raid of the day. UM took time out in 33 minute.  Wazir’s earned a point after the time out for Pune by a good raid.  rishank’s next raid and capture of Praveen ten seconds before hooter UM earned 3 points immediately after that took UM to a formidable lead  of 28-19 with all out points. Pune did improve the score to 21 few second before final whistle. UM thus created a history of winning all four matches at the home ground. The tournament moves to Kolkata from the 22 July 2015. U Mumba won 28-21.

Shabeer had 7/13 successful raid while Rishank had 7 out of 10 raids. Anup Singh had a poor day getting only 1 point from the raids. 

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