WWE News: Asuka Faced Ellsworth In Inter-Gender Match On Smackdown

WWE News: Asuka Faced Ellsworth In Inter-Gender Match On Smackdown

Paige confirmed an interesting matchup on this week’s Smackdown Live. It was an inter-gender match between Asuka and James Ellsworth on the show. It was Ellsworth who threw a mockery challenge to the former NXT Women’s Champion.

He knew that Asuka was not present in the locker room last week. So that actually meant nothing. Paige interrupted Ellsworth’s promo on Smackdown reminding the same to us. Meanwhile, the returning superstar had the audacity to ask the GM to a date. She accepted the proposal in a better manner by sanctioning this match.

Ellsworth had to be back on in-ring competitions against none other than Asuka. It was part of the storyline angle ongoing over the Smackdown women’s championship. The ‘chinless wonder’ was back onboard helping Carmella to retain her title at Money in the Bank. But, Asuka will get another shot to the title at Extreme Rules PPV.

Meanwhile, she had to take on against Ellsworth, last night. We expected a funny segment during this match. Ellsworth appeared first in the ring wearing a “No One Is Ready For Ellsworth” t-shirt. He was warming up and doing pushups before the match. Carmella joined the ringside to boost his confidence.

The champion was absent from last week’s Smackdown Live for promotional purposes. Now she is back on the show and there’s no way she wanted to miss this match. Asuka would get a rematch at Extreme Rules against Carmella for the title. Hence, the heel title-holder wanted to teach a lesson to her opponent.

But Asuka took control of the match giving a kick, right away. Ellsworth tried to escape but Carmella sent him back to the ring. The former NXT Champion delivered some body shots to her opponent after which Ellsworth decided to walk away from the match. Asuka chased him to the backstage area.

Meanwhile, the referee started counting and disqualified the match via a double count-out. They both came back inside the arena once again following the call. A ringside chase was on when Carmella delivered a cheap-shot to Asuka. Thereafter, she dragged her buddy from the scene pulling his hair.