Eric Bischoff Reveals Interesting Details On Kissing Stephanie McMahon

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WWE News: Eric Bischoff Reveals Interesting Details On Kissing Stephanie McMahon 

WWE News: Eric Bischoff Reveals Interesting Details On Kissing Stephanie McMahon
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WWE was non-PG for the better part of its beginning. The contents used to be edgier than the current era of the company. Adulterous topics or segments were mandatory things on the programming. There used to be hired Divas to show off skin in lingerie matches or get engaged in some vulgar actions. Even the McMahons were an integral part if whole this.

WWE star’s sexual comments toward Stephanie

Stephanie McMahon entered the scene as an innocent child by the end of the 90s. She was primarily featured in the scene as ECW owner before moving into a permanent relationship with Triple H. But prior to that, she was in a number of on and off-screen relationship. A few superstars have been able to share an intimate scene with the Billion Dollar Princess.

What is Stephanie McMahon’s net worth?

Former WCW winner, Eric Bischoff was one of them. Surely, he did not have a relationship with Stephanie McMahon. Rather WWE built a feud between them as authoritative figures. Stephanie McMahon was the owner of Smackdown Live whereas Eric Bischoff was in-charge of WWE Raw. These two brands started to have a cold war for the timespan.

In one of the weirdest segments of Smackdown Live, Eric Bischoff was eventually able to get intimate with Stephanie McMahon. It was the Halloween night where we spotted the Billion Dollar Princess in a busty outfit. By the end of the night, she turned out to be a reason of excitement for the former owner of WCW.

In a backstage segment, Stephanie McMahon was trying to find her father. Eric Bischoff showed up with a Vince McMahon mask on him. After removing the mask, Stephanie wanted to slap her. But Bischoff started kissing her which was no less than a make-out session. The veteran spoke about those scene on 83 weeks podcast,

“I liked the idea of working with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie was pretty green still at the time. She had been on camera before quite a bit, but she still wasn’t in her groove 100 percent yet. But she had so much talent.”

Then Eric Bischoff went on to reveal that the atmosphere inside the room was terrible. Vince McMahon himself directed the scene standing at the background that made things even more difficult for Eric Bischoff. Stephanie McMahon was also not much comfortable with this scene. But she did it out of her veteran skills. Here’s more from that awkward segment,

“Having Vince standing there directing the scene while I was making out with his daughter – I knew she didn’t want to do it. It was like me and how I felt when I had to take a Stink Face from Rikishi. I am sure she wasn’t feeling that, but she was a pro and as weird as it was, again, like a character you are doing it.”

“I think it was a live segment, and as I am doing it I can hear the crowd reacting even though I was in a remote arena. But I can hear the reaction from the crowd, thinking, holy sh*t, this is going to be great! Then it got dropped.

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