WWE News: Maria Kanellis Hit Back WWE For Belittling The Diva Term

WWE News: Maria Kanellis Hit Back WWE For Belittling The Diva Term

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WWE has wiped out the term Diva out of their books a few years ago. They used to refer the women superstars with this term that sounded pretty harsh. Names like Maria Kanellis, The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly and many more were part of this Divas era. They could have done much more than only showing skins. Unfortunately for them, the company failed to arrange something special.

This was until 2016 when WWE tried to make the Diva term extinct. They started to call the women as simply the WWE superstars. The trend started back at Wrestlemania 32 where the Divas Championship become history. A new WWE women’s championship replaced it that let the Women’s Revolution take the center stage.

But the officials always wanted to give credits to the so-called Divas from the past 15 years. They were the ones who pushed hard the WWE to let the revolution begins. Names like Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, and more active roster members are getting main event matches due to the same.

On a recent episode of Smackdown Live Charlotte Flair tried to belittle the term, Diva. Maria Kanellis was unhappy after listening to the harsh words. So she reacted on her Instagram defending her colleagues back in the last decade.

Charlotte was having a confrontation with Carmella on Smackdown. She referred to the former champion as a “Diva living in a Women’s Era”. The princess of Staten Island defended this by saying that she’s damn proud of this. WWE Universe might have liked this enraged verbal battle but it angered Maria Kanellis.

She took her social media account to point out that the Divas Era acted as the inducer of the current women’s era. So none should overlook it by any means. Check out her defending comments,

“We all matter in the marathon called the Evolution of Women Superstars. And it’s not over. I see you. I’m with you. We were in the trenches together in full makeup, dresses, and heels every day, every show. Still fighting with babies, careers, husbands, and a stigma. Is it better to fight for the system or the spot? Both. Love you. Together we push the system forward, apart we forget our past. Those that forget their past repeat it.”

Maria Kanellis has always been a part of the Divas division in the WWE in the last decade. She was away from the company for a long time starting from 2010. WWE’s recent activities regarding women empowerment inspired her a lot. So she signed a contract with the company to be a part of it. Currently, she is training hard at the performance center to return to TV tapings before Evolution.