WWE News: United States Championship Match Confirmed For Extreme Rules

WWE News: United States Championship Match Confirmed For Extreme Rules

courtesy WWE.com

WWE has finally come up with an update on the United States Championship situation. There were some serious uncertainties about this title on Smackdown Live. The current champion Jeff Hardy is without any solid storyline for quite a while. Shinsuke Nakamura just started a feud against the title-holder but an injury ruined everything for him.

A United States title match was about to take place a couple of weeks ago on Smackdown between Jeff Hardy and Nakamura. The challenger suffered a sudden injury. He had to remain out of action after on a receiving end of a dog-bite. There was no concrete update available on his comeback status.

Rumors suggested that there’re some uncertainties about his status for Extreme Rules. But now WWE.com made the pending match official between the two of them at the upcoming PPV event. It means that the King of Strong Styles is not suffering from any sort of major concussions.

He will be okay in time for the next PPV event in the WWE. Hence, we can expect to see a solid matchup between the two superstars. Here are the updates from WWE.com,

“Will Hardy see through Nakamura’s blistering strikes and underhanded tactics? Or will The King of Strong Style close his eyes and make Jeff’s United States Title disappear? Don’t miss WWE Extreme Rules, Sunday, July 15, streaming live at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network!”

Jeff Hardy was also said to be dealing with some nerve issues as of late. But he defended his championship even on this week’s Smackdown. Plus, WWE confirmed his appearance at Extreme Rules meaning that he is absolutely fine to go into in-ring competition against the former contender for the WWE Championship.

This would a dream match for the WWE fans. Both Hardy and Nakamura are two of the most veteran names present in the WWE locker room as well as around the globe. This brings out the possibility of a five-star United States title match at the upcoming PPV event.

Chances are high that Nakamura wins his first title in the WWE at Extreme Rules. Despite being a strong champion, Hardy’s title reign failed to date due to lackluster storylines. A heel Nakamura would be a great option to become a future champion especially now that Summerslam is around the corner.