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WWE News: Update On When Roman Reigns Can Make His Return 

WWE News: Update On When Roman Reigns Can Make His Return
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Roman Reigns had to vacate the Universal Championship on WWE Raw a few weeks ago. It was one of the most emotional nights in the history of the show where the fighting champion left the belt in the middle of the ring. No need to emphasize the fact that how much it had affected the roster. It’s hard to find a quick replacement for the poster boy.

Must read: Roman Reigns starts treatment against leukemia

Be it a house show, weekly show or a PPV, this guy was the main reason for a sell-out. Nobody could do that all of a sudden covering the absence of the franchise player of the company. From that perspective, WWE wishes a miraculous comeback by him. It should happen as early as possible. However, there’s no such possibility according to the reports.

The backstage story of Roman Reigns title relinquishment

The Big Dog is suffering from Leukemia which is blood cancer. It’s a complex disease that might need multiple chemotherapy sessions to get over, as per the capability of the patient’s intake. Thereafter, Roman Reigns will need months of training sessions just to get back to in-ring shape before the return actually occurs. The overall process should be very long.

Slice Wrestling has provided an update stating that WWE officials have an assumption of Roman Reigns’ return. They are not expecting him for the entire 2019. He could be back in sometimes in 2020 or so. So the writers are setting up the future big storylines without him or at least trying to find the backup plans for events like Wrestlemania.

Some of the wild rumors claimed that Roman Reigns could be back in the WWE in time for Wrestlemania. This could have been a straight-up fifth main event for him at the show creating an all-time record. But there’s no way that it will happen. He is an on-screen superman but a disease like Leukemia takes more time to heal up.

So it can be chance for the women or Braun Strowman to seize the opportunity. Meanwhile, Shane Douglas discussed the recovery process on Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling podcast. He believes that with the Samoan Dynasty backing him up, he should defeat Leukemia with ease. A heroic comeback will be waiting for him, thereafter. Here are the quotes, (courtesy wwfoldschool.com)

“If there was a cookie-cutter for wrestlers it would be the Roman Reigns look. Just a little sidebar on the family and to Afa, Sika, The Rock, Sammy (Samu), Fatu and all of the guys in that family and I’ve worked with so many of them over the years and I learned so much from working with them.”

They are always top notch quality people and I’m sure Roman is cut from that same cloth. He’s got a strong family unit around him no doubt and looking forward to him making a speedy recovery and coming back and seeing what is in the next chapter for Roman Reigns.”

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