WWE: Outcome From Styles-Nakamura Rematch On Smackdown

WWE: Outcome From AJ Styles-Shinsuke Nakamura Rematch on Smackdown

courtesy WWE

Last night’s Smackdown witnessed a rematch between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. We have already seen a string of matches between these two over the spring. Nakamura challenged the champion over his title for multiple times but failed to win it. Now, he received another opportunity to prove his worth against the champion.

Perhaps, WWE creative team is willing to set this feud up as one of the bests that we have seen in the WWE. So, they are not thinking twice of the repetitiveness of this contest. At this time, the complexion of the contest was totally different. Currently, Rusev is the number one contender over on Smackdown. He will challenge AJ Styles for the championship at Extreme Rules.

So we definitely expected his presence during this huge PPV-worthy contest. It also helped to hype up the Extreme Rules title match on this Sunday night. We expected Rusev’s presence during this match considering he is the challenger for AJ Styles. He appeared just before the match began to join the Smackdown commentary table. It was interesting to hear his words.

The Bulgarian Brute boasted that he has already won the WWE Championship and called his mom so that she does not remain worried for the Extreme Rules match. Inside the ring, Nakamura attacked AJ from behind from the back to gain upper hand. But AJ delivered a dropkick to send his opponent out of the ring.

The fight continued at the ringside area and a chaos broke out. AJ hit a phenomenal forearm on Nakamura. Thereafter he targeted Aiden English standing in the back. Nakamura wanted to hit AJ from the back but instead hit English. Styles threw Nakamura into the ring but Rusev prevented him from entering.

The referee disqualified the match after Rusev tripped the champion off the ring apron. Rusev and Nakamura tried to come up with a double attack on ‘the face that runs the place’. Jeff Hardy’s music hit the arena as he made his way to the ring. He made the save for the champion as Smackdown general manager stopped by.

She could not think of a better opportunity to set up a tag team contest. Styles and Nakamura formed a dream team but failed to pick up the win. Nakamura distracted Hardy while going for the Twist of Fate.

It allowed Rusev to deliver a Machka Kick on Hardy to get a huge win on the main event of Smackdown.