WWE: Result From Asuka Versus Ellsworth Lumberjack Inter-gender Match

WWE: Result From Asuka Versus Ellsworth Lumberjack Inter-gender Match


WWE Smackdown GM made a rematch official from last week. The fans have had witnessed the entertaining contest between James Ellsworth and Asuka. Whenever Ellsworth has been in the ring, he comes up with brilliant antics and mic skills that the fans love about him.

Last week was no different as he was wearing down Asuka by just running around the ring.

The former NXT Women’s Champion dominated the contest for the entire time. So, Ellsworth decided to go away from the match at one point.

Plus, the Smackdown women’s champion interfered it as well to make it a straight disqualification. She hit Asuka with a superkick and ran away with her valet.

Now, Paige handed away another opportunity to Asuka to take her frustrations out on the chinless wonder. She announced this rematch on Smackdown with an added stipulation.

This time around, she made this match a Lumberjack match. It meant the entire women’s division could surround the ring to stop Ellsworth from escaping.

Asuka had fears too as the heel superstars had every right to attack her, out of nowhere. Everything is legal in this type of matchup. The women superstars from Smackdown surrounded the ring and made their presence felt in the match since the get-go.

Thankfully for Asuka, she did not feel the wrath of the superstars that much. But, Ellsworth faced a big problem every time when he wanted to escape the ring. The roster members blocked his way on multiple occasions. While doing this a chaotic situation broke out around the ring.

Asuka was able to hold her patience during this entire time and caught Ellsworth red-handed inside the ring. Asuka lock on Ellsworth to force him to tap out. But the Smackdown women’s champion was waiting for him after the contest was over. She entered the ring to deliver an attack from the back.

But Asuka realized that and delivered a kick to neutralize her. She turned the back momentarily from Ellsworth that allowed him to come with pepper spray. He spread it on Asuka’s face to give the upper-hand to the champion. She left the ring after delivering a super-kick to the contender before leaving.

So, this is the third week in a row where Carmella has laid down Asuka on WWE Smackdown.