Goldberg & Chris Jericho Leaving WWE To Join All Elite Wrestling

WWE Rumor: Two Former Champions Leaving WWE To Join All Elite Wrestling

courtesy WWE

WWE has received another opponent in the pro-wrestling circuit. A new wrestling promotion has finally seen the daylight in the United States of America. Namely, All Elite Wrestling, this promotion is all over the headliners of the wrestling world. Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, and some other names are the founding members of this company.

Tony Khan is the owner of the promotion who is a billionaire. He already appointed Barry Bloom to recruit new talents under the banner. He will be churning out talents in due course from different other promotions that includes WWE. Rumors suggest that two huge WWE superstars are their targets who might sign a deal.

Goldberg wanted to face Roman Reigns

The first name in the mix is Goldberg whereas the second name is Chris Jericho. firstly informed that Barry Bloom will be heavily informed in scouting new talents for All Elite Wrestling. One of the biggest stars that he is in search for, is none other than the former Universal Champion. He might be leaving WWE in that case. stated that there’s a chance that Goldberg might play a big role in the promotion that has immense potential to grow further. Speculations of an association between AEW and Goldberg has fuelled up even more after the latter one has started following the promotion on Twitter. He also followed Double or Nothing official page that is going to be All In part 2.

However, there are not many details available on how Goldberg can be associated with All Elite Wrestling. Technically he is still under a legends’ contract with the WWE. But that would not be a bar to work elsewhere outside this brand. This is the exact same way that Chris Jericho has adapted to work with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Chris Jericho revealed the most important match of his career

The six-time world champion was present in a Minnesota Vikings game who thanked AEW President Tony Khan for some kind of association. He was present during the All In PPV in September that has become a huge hit. Later his bond with Cody and Young Bucks made us believe that he could be a founding member of All Elite Wrestling.

To date, Chris Jericho has not declared anything officially on this matter. Currently, he is still under contract with NJPW. His IWGP Intercontinental Championship will be on the line against Tetsuya Naito at Wrestle Kingdom 13. He competed in his inaugural match at NJPW, one year ago at WK12. It was a dream match against Kenny Omega that was dubbed “Alpha vs Omega” by fans.