Vivo Pro Kabaddi League 2017-Match10- Bengal Warriors Thrashes Telugu Titans

Ajay Pal Singh / 02 August 2017

The second match of day five saw the home team Telugu Titans take on the Bengal WarriorsTelugu skipper Rahul Chaudhari won the toss and choose court, giving Bengal the first raid of the match.

Playing after three years, Maninder Singh made his presence felt in the very first half of the match getting the first all out of the match.

Bengal Warriors did not seem as if they are playing the first match of the season, as after the first half, Bengal managed a lead of five points. There was a time in the game when Rahul Chaudhari went in for a review but wasn’t sure what the review was about and ended up losing the review.

In the second half, Telugu tried to come back but was denied by the brilliance of Bengal. The team from Kolkata managed to keep Rahul Chaudhari out of the match for over 10 minutes, which eventually proved to be the deciding factor in the game.

In the last stages of Telugu Titans went down for the fourth time on the trot, which never happened before in the history of the tournament. The hosts though managed to get a point by keeping the deficit down to six.

The final scoreline was 24-30 against the hosts, as Bengal started off their tournament with a win in Hyderabad. The top raider was Maninder Singh with nine raid points out of 16 raids.

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