Sudha Singh

The Indian Olympian, Sudha Singh who represented India in 3000 m steeplechase event underwent a test which shows that is suffering from H1N1 which is swine flu.

Her blood sample was tested in two laboratories which show that she is suffering from this disease.

“Sudha is well now and stable. She will be in the same hospital under the observation of two officials from the public health department and will be discharged in two days. Sudha’s coach (Nikolai Snesarev) and his wife (who was the massage therapist of the middle and long distance runners at the Rio Olympics) will be under observation and given small doses of an antiviral drug to prevent them from picking up the infection. All SAI hostel inmates will be kept under surveillance of the health department and will be provided treatment if needed. A team of doctors from the public health department will be in regular touch with SAI,” Dr Harshavardhan said to TOI.

Now this has come has come as a big relief for Sudha and Indian authorities who have been accused of not providing proper facilities to Indian contingent.

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