Rio de Janeiro, Aug 20 (IANS) A TV presenter was caught in an embarrassing but hilarious moment when the live broadcast inadvertently caught a couple apparently having sex behind him on a beach.

As the BBC’s Dan Walker was busy hosting a round-up of the sporting action, the cameras caught the couple engaged in a “different action”.

While the social media instantly grew inquisitive about the scene in the background, a visibly flustered Walker, turned out to be a spoilsport.

“For those asking what’s going on in the background on social media now, we’re not going to zoom in,” said the presenter.

“Rest assured it’s not that… they are probably reading a book… reading a book in a strange pose,” is how Walker explained the situation desperately trying to hold back laughter.

Earlier too, Walker was caught in a similar goof up on live TV when viewers had pointed out to a man openly urinating in the sea.

Slam goes the coach

Some cry in joy, others embrace with a bright smile, but Japanese wrestler Risako Kawai slammed her coach Kazuhito Sakae twice on the mat to celebrate her gold medal in the women’s 63-kg freestyle.

As soon as Kawai thumped Mariya Mamashuk of Belarus to clinch the gold, the coach ran towards her to congratulate but instead of the usual hugs, tears and smiles, the 21- year-old wrestler slammed Sakae twice onto the mat and then picked him up on her shoulders for a victory lap.

Described as the funniest and the most bizarre celebration at Rio, the video has gone viral on social media.

A delirious Kawai later said the slam was pre-planned and pre-approved by her coach.

We are a family

The return of golf to the Olympics after more than a century’s hiatus has not been historic for the sport, but for the female golfers, the Rio Games have turned out to be a family outing.

Fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, boyfriends and husbands, the first Olympic women golfers have kept caddying in the family.

Of the 60 women golfers competing at Rio, 21 have chosen to use a family member or boyfriend as their caddy.

Indian golfer Aditi Ashok, 18, the youngest competitor in the event, has her father Pandit Gudlamani as the caddie.

If Brazilian golfer Victoria Lovelady has her husband Jacob as caddy, South Africa’s Ashleigh Simon has brought her fiance, David Buhai, to Rio to carry her clubs.

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