Rio Olympics 2016: Diving pool turns green

Prince Singh / 11 August 2016

Fans and athletes present  at the Olympic diving pool on Tuesday were left baffled when the water inexplicably turned green, just in time for the women’s synchronized 10-meter platform diving competition.

While officials were unaware of the reason for the pool turning green, they declared the water had been tested and was not dangerous. It was an unsettling sight for the divers, as the water appeared to become greener as the day passed.

Star British diver Tom Daley, who won a bronze medal in the same pool the day before, took to Twitter to share a photograph which showed the contrast between the colors of the pools. “Ermmmm – what happened?” he said.

The adjoining pool at the aquatic center retained its normal blue color, which made the greenness of the pool even more confusing.

The incident did not hamper any event as diving practice went on as planned, and so did the women’s synchronized event.

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