An awkward landing ended French Gymnast Samir Ait Said’s Olympic journey in Rio. The 26-year-old’s left leg folded beneath him as he landed badly during the men’s qualification event. Said was taken off on a stretcher.

Said was attempting his second vault when he crumpled. He used one hand to hold his leg just below the knee and put the other one to his head as he screamed in pain following the injury.

“It is catastrophic … our mental state is very bad but we each have a target and we have to carry on for ourselves,” his teammate Cyril Tommasone said.

French team leader Corrine Moustard-Callon said: “We don’t know what happened, except it was his tibia.”

She added: “He is in the hospital with a doctor now. We will do more exams to see if it is just the bone.

“It is very difficult for the team. He was one of the friendliest on the team which is very difficult. He came to win a medal and gave everything.”

The International Gymnastics Federation’s decision to move away from the 10.0 scoring system and implementing a new system under which the scores of a gymnast is divided into two parts has made the game too dangerous.The first score is based on the difficulty of skills a gymnast completes. The second score is based on how well they execute them. And as a result, the gymnasts take too many risks in order to get maximum points. Anyway, we hope that Said recovers as soon as possible.

Here is the video of that horrific accident:

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